DMEXDive Middle East Exhibition (Dubai International Marine Club; Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
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But DMEX organisers say that, while Manchester firms have been keen to sign up, the response from Liverpool firms has been less positive - and they want Mersey firms to sign up for the remaining seven places.
In recent DMEX exchanges, companies have hosted a scriptwriter for a viral campaign, a producer for a multi-platform drama series and an editor for an interactive documentary.
One firm that took part in last year's DMEX project was Liverpool digital art and animation agency Milky Tea.
Our DMEX placement brought film and post-production skills that gave us confidence to explore these new avenues as part of our offering.
The DMEX not only showcases the very latest in diving supplies, services and techniques, but also hosts something for everyone, from exciting educational activities aimed at children to information on new diving pursuits for leisure divers.
DMEX will bring together international manufacturers and local suppliers of sub-aqua diving equipment and services, with live demonstrations and daily 'try-a-dive' sessions.