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DMFDual Mass Flywheel (automobile transmissions)
DMFDivision of Marine Fisheries
DMFDictionnaire du Moyen Français (French: Dictionary of the Middle French)
DMFDimethyl Fumarate (drug)
DMFDrug Master File
DMFDansk Musiker Forbund (Danish: Danish Musicians' Union)
DMFDigest Message Format
DMFDeutsches Medizin Forum (German: German Medicine Forum)
DMFDeath Master File (US SSA)
DMFDirection des Musées de France
DMFDvd Movie Factory
DMFDistribution Management Framework
DMFDistribution Media Format
DMFDirect Manual Focusing
DMFDigital Multi Finder
DMFData Morphing Factor
DMFData Migration Framework
DMFData Migration Facility
DMFDivX Media Format
DMFDeutsches Mobilfunk Forschungsprogramm (Germany)
DMFDistrict Mosellan de Football (French football district)
DMFDecision Making Framework
DMFDeclarative Management Framework (Microsoft SQL Server)
DMFDépartement des Marchés Financiers (French: Department of Financial Markets)
DMFDecayed, Missing, Filled (dentistry)
DMFData Management Facility
DMFDestination Marketing Fee
DMFDiplôme des Moulins de France (French: Diploma Mills of France)
DMFDen Moroniska Föreningen (Swedish gaming association)
DMFDésinfection Médicale France (French medical disinfection company)
DMFDisciples Mission Fund
DMFDiffusion Matériels Frigorifiques (French cooling equipment company)
DMFData Modulation Format
DMFDarwin Mobile Force (Australia)
DMFDebtor Master File
DMFDigital Matched Filters
DMFDigital Money Forum (electronic transactions)
DMFDistributed Media Format
DMFDepot Maintenance Float
DMFDead Man Floating (Everquest)
DMFData Management File
DMFDipole Moment Function
DMFDistributed Management Facility
DMFDesign Master File
DMFDumb Mother Figure (polite form)
DMFDigital Multiplexing and Formatting
DMFDigital Modulation Format
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Some drugmakers whose pills tested positive for DMF said that neither they nor the outside companies that produce active ingredients for their drugs use the solvent, though some indicated they don't have complete visibility into their supply chain.
In this article, we developed a new approach of manufacturing compound 1 by adding a certain amount of methanol instead of removing DMF before adjusting pH.
In fact, identifying death after discharge is one of the main motivations of using the DMF.
In our present study, the results of metric measurements of ICD and DMF of cadaveric male and female mandibles were found out and their statistical significance was calculated using student's t-test.
Hence mixture of buffer with nonaqueous solvent such as 1,4-dioxane, DMF & DMSO used to dissolve 4-HP2OTP and 2HP2STP.
The release paper (RP film) was coated with DMF-based polyurethane and dried in a dry oven at 80[degrees]C for 12 h in order to volatilize the solvent DMF. In this study, wet-type artificial leather was manufactured as follows: after coating DMF-based polyurethane on the nonwoven fabric, DMF was extracted by the osmotic principle using the coagulation of polyurethane and the solubility of DMF in water, so that continuous cells were formed in the polyurethane layer.
The format of DMF technical documents requires complete dossiers (i.e., full dossiers) as listed in the common technical document of the International Conference on Harmonization.[sup][6] In considering some of DMF applications were already approved by advanced countries, the health authority of Taiwan establishes an alternative pathway since 2011.[sup][7] The DMF application can be in an abbreviated format with a prerequisite of the API approval from the countries recognized by the health authority of Taiwan, based on the reliability of these countries in performing the evaluation of quality, safety, and efficacy for medicinal products.[sup][8]
In this contribution, we quantified GSR induction in response to DMF and evaluated the effect of GSR knockdown and pharmacological inhibition on cell death caused by endogenous oxidative stress.
After 28 days, those with progesterone levels less than 3 ng / mL were randomized to a 28-day regimen of either the daily dose of OC (n = 39) or OC along with DMF (240 mg twice daily), designated period 1, with crossover to the other treatment for a further 28 days (period 2).
In this study, the ignition delay times of DMF and DMF-PRF90 (PRF90 = n-heptane : iso-octane = 10vol% : 90vol%) blends were measured using the RCM, at an equivalence ratio of 1.0 and oxygen concentration of 16.4% and compared with those of ethanol, PRF90, and Japanese commercial gasoline.
A previous work [7] presented the advantages of the dual mass flywheel (DMF), compared the CTD and DMF, and determined the limitations of the CTD.
As part of the Dubai Motor Festival (DMF), the first of its kind performance was organised by the Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment (DFRE).