DMFTDynamical Mean Field Theory (condensed matter theory)
DMFTDecayed/Missing/Filled Teeth (dentistry)
DMFTDensity Matrix Functional Theory (quantum chemistry)
DMFTDoctorate of Marriage and Family Therapy
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Additionally small-scale recent cross-sectional studies conducted in selected cities in Pakistan have also reported a considerably high caries prevalence of between 40-71% among 12-year-old children.5,6 Nevertheless their caries experience in terms of the mean Decayed Missing Filled Teeth (DMFT) score has improved from 2.1 in 1979 to 1.38 in 2003.4, 7 The conventional method employed globally to detect caries in epidemiological surveys is the WHO method.8 Likewise in Pakistan, the WHO method is commonly used.
A standardized validated form was used for documentation of history, socio-economic status, personal details, external and extra oral examinations, (DMFT) which were according to WHO manifesto.
Table 4 shows mean dmft and DMFT scores obtained from use of the CAST instrument and WHO criterion.
Rs 1500 Crore are available under the DMFT funds from Singareni.
Most subjects (39.8%) were in the low risk category with DMFT score of 0.
As an indicator of the presence of caries, DMFT index was dichotomized into DMFT>0 and DMFT=0.
(11) The dmft in these studies was 0.94 (DP = [+ or -] 2.28) and 2.12, respectively.
While 93 per cent of children in all age groups showed no signs of fluorosis, which is caused by over-exposure to fluorides, she added: "The DMFT index among of Dubai children population is in the range of 3.8.
The DMFT index measures the amount of dental caries (or tooth decay) in a person's mouth.
She said oral health education and prevention sessions, school nurse training programmes and mobile dental screenings in Dubai's schools and nurseries are some of the important programmes that will be chalked out to achieve a lower rate of DMFT among Dubai's school children.