DMHASDepartment of Mental Health and Addiction Services (State of Connecticut, USA)
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Most risk-warrant subjects were not known to DMHAS at the time of gun removal.
In fact, subsequent data collection (by the DMHAS Division of Forensic Services.
DMHAS sought to replicate the Telephone Continuing Care program in Connecticut, with several significant adaptations.
The Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (hereafter referred to as DMHAS, or the Department), in its effort to successfully implement a person-centered, recovery-oriented, and value-driven system of care requests proposals from qualified private non-profit applicants to result in selection of a qualified Contractor to create and manage a supervised transitional residential program (hereafter referred to as the Program) with individualized services to assist 8 to 12 adults (most with a serious mental illness) in developing independent living skills and preparing for transition to the community following incarceration or long term stays in a state forensic psychiatric hospital.