DMIADispositifs Médicaux Implantables Actifs (French: Active Implantable Medical Device)
DMIADiosdado Macapagal International Airport (Philippines)
DMIADocument Management Industries Association
DMIADiamond Manufacturers and Importers Association of America (est. 1931)
DMIAData Management Improvement Act of 2000
DMIADes Moines, Iowa
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Matheson, an economics professor at the College of the Holy Cross, said that in any case the basic DMIA formula is invalid unless it is adjusted down to account for Worcester's status as a small, "third-tier" city.
Of course, individuals can manage their assets on their own without using a DMIA and simply grow their wealth, paying income taxes on an accumulation from year to year until they are ready to contribute to charity.
In a DMIA transaction, the donor and the donee charitable organization (qualified under Sees.
In a DMIA arrangement, although the donor has the right to direct the account's investment policy for a fixed term, the charity has the ultimate power to terminate the agreement.
Infrastructure projects which aim to pave the way for the success of the DMIA, including the North Luzon Railways project, are reportedly on track.
DMIA has been put forward as a possible alternative to take over from Ninoy Aquino International Airport but whether it will remains to be seen (this has been predicted over the next ten years since Ninoy Aquino has limited space for expansion).
The terminal radar approach control (TRACON) project was first started at DMIA in September 2005 and due to cost cutting and budget over-runs was not completed.
3m (a 15-year loan from Deutsche Bank) and moves DMIA into the position of having the most modern system in the country.
In 2003, the DMIA Task Force reported the following with respect to the federal inspections area at land ports of entry:
Ople Policy Centre, at least 11 victims of trafficking and illegal recruitment in Kuala Lumpur claimed to have exited the country from the DMIA, aided by unscrupulous Bureau of Immigration agents.