DMIIDiabetes Mellitus Type II (medical condition)
DMIIDesign, Manufacture, and Industrial Innovation
DMIIDensity-Mediated Indirect Interaction (ecology)
DMIIDiploma of the Malaysian Insurance Institute
DMIIDisaster Management Institute of Indonesia
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De ce fait, Hicha Dmii a decide d'abandonner son club et rentrer chez lui a Marrakech.
Females showed strong evidence of VAT associations with "diabetes mellitus without the mention of complication, type II, or unspecified type, not stated as controlled" (p = 1.34 x [10.sup.-39]; 95% CI = [2.55, 3.55]), "diabetes with renal manifestations, type II, or unspecified type, not stated as uncontrolled" (DMII renl nt st uncntrld).
Las PLS solas o en combinacion con aminoacidos, vitaminas y minerales previenen indirectamente las enfermedades cardiovasculares y otros padecimientos metabolicos tales como la DMII, hipertension y dislipidemia e hiperglucemia (Frestedt et al., 2008; Siddiqui et al., 2008; Pilvi et al, 2009; McGregor y Poppit, 2013; Ooi et al, 2015).
This is highly beneficial for the patients' cardiovascular health as the researchers note that 1.0 mmol/L drop in LDL-C has been associated with a 21% decrease in vascular events in those patients with DMII. Whilst the patients did not experience a drop in LDL-C as substantial as that, the results might suggest a corresponding 3.4% reduction in vascular events following long term (12 months or more) flavonoid intervention.
Un autre keeper etait la, Abdelkader El Brazi des FAR en compagnie de ses coequipiers des militaires, Mohcine Bouhlal et Abdeslam Laghrissi, Hicham Dmii et Tahar El Khalej (KACM), Mouloud Moudakkar et Driss Mrabet (IRT), Said Rokbi et Khalid Raghib (RSS), Aziz Ouzougate (RCA), Fakhreddine Rajhi, Rachid Daoudi, Jilal Fadel, Lahcen Abrami, Mjid Bouyboud, Noureddine Nayba (WAC)...
A obesidade representa um estado de saude do individuo que aumenta o risco de doencas cronicas como as dislipidemias, a hipertensao arterial sistemica (HAS), a resistencia a insulina (RI), a intolerancia a glicose/Diabete Mellitus Tipo II (DMII), favorecendo a ocorrencia de eventos cardiovasculares (Zanella citado por Bruno, 2006; Viana, 2003).
Diabaetes mellitus type II (DMII) often presents with increased serum sialic acid which is a strong predictor of cardiovascular mortality.
Tomasko, 2002 NSF DMII Grantee and Research Conference, San Juan, Puerto Rico, (January 2002).
The most commonly recognized indirect interactions are density-mediated indirect interactions (DMII), or those effects transmitted through changes in densities of intervening species (Abrams et al.
ainsi que Mohcine Bouhlal, Abdeslam Laghrissi (FAR), Hicham Dmii, Tahar El Khalej (KACM), Mouloud Moudakkar, Driss Mrabet (IRT), Said Rokbi, Khalid Raghib (RSS), Aziz Ouzougate (RCA)...