DMIIDiabetes Mellitus Type II (medical condition)
DMIIDesign, Manufacture, and Industrial Innovation
DMIIDensity-Mediated Indirect Interaction (ecology)
DMIIDiploma of the Malaysian Insurance Institute
DMIIDisaster Management Institute of Indonesia
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As Momordica charantia (bitter melon) is a commonly used botanical for DMII in developing nations such as India and Pakistan, the researchers set out to elucidate its impacts upon changes in the above parameters in comparison with the oral antidiabetic drug rosiglitazone.
There were 25 patients with DMII in the two active groups and none was medicated prior to the trial but were diet controlled.
The authors conclude that BM may be a useful adjuvant to diet control in DMII because the patients taking the botanical agent suffered less complications than those taking the pharmaceutical product, suggesting that sialic acid concentration may be playing a more substantial role in bitter melon mediated antidiabetic effect than in the rosiglitazone mediated effect.
Tomasko, 2002 NSF DMII Grantee and Research Conference, San Juan, Puerto Rico, (January 2002).
Our data thus supports the existence of a TMII between Anax and midges, and are suggestive of a DMII between Tramea and midges.
Although we have many examples of DMIIs that clearly have a strong influence on the structure of ecological communities (reviewed in Schoener 1993, Menge 1994, Wootton 1994a), the role of TMIIs has received far less attention and is poorly understood.