DMILDaewoo Motors India Limited
DMILDecorative Materials International Limited (est. 1988)
DMILDaewoo Motors India Ltd. (automobile manufacturer)
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When the volunteer performed this type of DMILS on animals, certain possibly synchronous environmental changes were noted near him and were observed when the video recordings of these sessions were viewed.
In addition to analyzing data to evaluate the success of the application of DMILS on animals by the volunteer, environmental data will be examined for synchronous changes possibly indicating the occurrence of entanglement and nonlocality during this type of psi phenomenon.
Overall, results are heterogeneous (reviews of early ESP studies with physiological measurement: Beloff, 1974; Palmer, 1978, 1982; Schouten, 1976; meta-analysis of DMILS studies: Schmidt, Schneider, Utts, & Walach, 2004; review of brain correlation studies: Charman, 2006).
Insofar as this influence was real in the present experiment, it supports an active role for the sender in the communication process, bringing it in line with what is often assumed to be the process in DMILS research.
Shamanism, traceable to the Paleolithic era has been related to potential psi phenomena such as DMILS and includes techniques akin to hypnosis (Cardena & Krippner, 2010).
Addressing the correlates of DMILS or distant healing would provide further understanding of the modus operandi of such processes.
DMILS studies included attempts to facilitate attention-focusing and performance on a choice reaction time task, and the autonomic detection of remote observation.
5], and may be more in keeping with those associated with the DMILS protocol, estimated at 0.