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The percentage of positively stained cells (blue cells) versus total cells was calculated by randomly choosing 10 microscopic fields under 10x objective magnification at light microscopy (Leica DMIL, Leica Microsystem).
Daewoo's FSO plant in Poland and DMIL plant in India are successfully implementing restructuring plans.
Briefly, cells were stained with alizarin red S and adipo oil red solution to evaluate osteogenic and adipogenic differentiation, respectively, and observed by means of light microscopy, Leica DMIL (Leica Microsystem, Milan, Italy) [24].
Morphology of SH-SY5Y cells was observed after 24 and 48 h exposure by using an inverted microscope (Leica DMIL).
Hucreler invert floresan mikroskobunda (Leica DMIL, Leica Microsystems Ltd., Heerbrugg, GE) incelendi ve fotograflar, TR, I3 ve A3 filtreleri, floresan kamera sistemi (Leica DFC 300 FX, Leica Microsystems Ltd., Heerbrugg, GE) ve ozel bir yazilim (The Leica Application Suite Image Overlay Software, Leica Microsystems Ltd., Heerbrugg, GE) kullanilarak ust uste cakistirildi.
Parapsychological models are also considered, though I expected this treatment to draw more heavily on DMILS work than it does.
The experimental paradigm is known as Direct Mental Interaction with Living Systems (DMILS) (Braud, 1994).
Unselected participants may well perceive ganzfeld, presentiment, or DMILS protocols as more relevant and motivating than micro-PK protocols, and therefore produce far better results.
The nonlocal observations in surrogate tapping are consistent with data on distant healing and DMILS in parapsychology and provide support for an anomalous process of information transfer, or psi.
We are aware of one meta-analysis by Schmidt, Schneider, Utts, and Walach (2004) that found a significant negative correlation between overall quality and ES for direct mental interaction with living systems (DMILS) studies, but not remote staring studies.
The experiment broadly followed the procedure outlined in previous remote staring detection and direct mental interaction with living systems (DMILS) experiments (Braud & Schlitz, 1991; Braud et al., 1993a, 1993b), with additional elements due to the use of more complex electrophysiological methods.