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DMILSDirect Mental Interaction with Living Systems (parapsychology)
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When he contacted the RRC, the volunteer claimed he could use a self-taught method of collecting energy in his lower abdomen that he then would direct to the immediate proximity of animals as a treatment of DMILS.
2004), for example, failed to replicate Schlitz and Braud's (1997) meta-analytic results in the DMILS domain.
Insofar as this influence was real in the present experiment, it supports an active role for the sender in the communication process, bringing it in line with what is often assumed to be the process in DMILS research.
Overall, results are heterogeneous (reviews of early ESP studies with physiological measurement: Beloff, 1974; Palmer, 1978, 1982; Schouten, 1976; meta-analysis of DMILS studies: Schmidt, Schneider, Utts, & Walach, 2004; review of brain correlation studies: Charman, 2006).