DMIMDomain Message Information Model
DMIMDavid Memorial Institute of Management (India)
DMIMDefense Medical Information Management
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In this sense, digital marketing is of itself, an innovation; thus, the importance to get the DMIM, from which we have developed a definition:"[A] process to design strategies and tactics for planned implementation by selecting a set of digital marketing tools.
A matrix was constructed to show the DMIM variables according to Table 2 representing the academic vision approach See Table 3.
We focused on the experience of each of them in the association with the variables and the suggested order implemented to the DMIM. The results are showed in Table 4.
We explained each of these variables to determine our general conceptual model of DMIM in the order suggested for implementation as follows.
Starting from our research question: What main variables of the DMIM are capable of improving their competitiveness level based on the NCM?
It is also important from the point of view of the experts to implement the final DMIM variables, as we see in Table 4.
The advantage is a completely "organics-free" procedure; however, the order of self-organization of these discontinuous metal-insulator multilayers (DMIMs) is usually relatively weak and the shape of the MNPs is not well controllable [60, 61].
Under the condition of a nonvanishing NP magnetization ("superspin"), <S> [not equal to] 0, being interpreted either by that of a finite-size ferromagnet or by the ground state of a magnetic macromolecule, superspin glass (SSG) states have been considered, for example, in frozen ferrofluids [88] or discontinuous metal-insulator multilayers (DMIMs) [75].