DMIMSDatta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences (India)
DMIMSDigital Metal Impact Monitoring System (Westinghouse product)
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Under the condition of a nonvanishing NP magnetization ("superspin"), <S> [not equal to] 0, being interpreted either by that of a finite-size ferromagnet or by the ground state of a magnetic macromolecule, superspin glass (SSG) states have been considered, for example, in frozen ferrofluids [88] or discontinuous metal-insulator multilayers (DMIMs) [75].
Figure 10 shows some of the key signatures of a typical DMIM SSG, namely, [[[Co.sub.80][Fe.sub.20] (in = 0.9 nm)/[Al.sub.2][O.sub.3](3 nm)].sub.10] [91].