DMinDoctor of Ministry (degree)
DMinMinimum Distance (US Geological Survey; distance from epicenter of a quake to the nearest station)
DMinMinimum Drift Distance (US DoD)
DMinDetail Minimum (graphics)
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In ecumenical collaboration within the Toronto School of Theology and in federation with the University of Toronto, the Faculty of Divinity offers the following degree programs: MDiv, MTS, MA, ThM, DMin and PhD.
28 -- Digital Marketers India (DMIn) is an India based startup Digital Marketing Agency.
With respect to the membership function for Denial of Service, the upper bound DMax = 40 and the lower bound DMin = 0.
Where DMin and DMout = Dry matter content in the diet and excreta respectively.
* Outlier detection based on distance is, if the sample space D has at least N of sample point and object distance of O is greater than Dmin, then O is called object distance based outlier in the sample points {at least N} and Dmin parameter.
Log-normal f(x) = [(d/ Em que: d = variavel aleatoria dmin).sup.[alpha]/ cuja distribuicao se pretende 1] [e.sup.-(1/ estudar (diametro em cm); [mu] [beta])(d-dmin)]/ = media aritmetica da variavel [GAMMA]([alpha]) aleatoria x (diametro medio em [[beta].sup.[alpha]] cm); [[sigma].sup.2]: e a variancia da variavel aleatoria d; e = indica a constante "e" de Euler (2,71828182845905 ...); [pi] = constante "pi" (3, 141592653589794 ...).
The outline of both outer epidermis and pericycle were analyzed to obtain area (A), perimeter (P), maximum diameter (dmax) and minimum diameter (dmin).
Larry Vande-Creek, DMin. is a Board Certified Chaplain with a research interest in suicide bereavement.
"Our new Archive Media FM microfilm works with both, and is a big improvement for non-Fujifilm archive media users, not only do they now have another film choice, but the new Fujifilm FM film has also been designed to provide higher resolution, lower Dmin, and optimal image quality compared to other archive media currently in use."
Double minutes (dmin) and homogeneously staining regions (hsr) in myeloid disorders: a new case suggesting that dmin form hsr in vivo.
Chung, MD [4], Stephanie Schrag, PhD [3], Scott Santibanez, MD, DMin [3] (Author affiliations at end of text)
In this paper, a detection range for the F0 of 65-650 Hz was established for 0.005s windows; the following threshold intensity was established for the automatic segmentation in the stylization of the algorithm: Glissando = 0.32/[T.sup.2], DG = 30, dmin = 0.05.