DMIPDistributed Model Intercomparison Project (US NWS)
DMIPDirectorate of Myanma Industrial Planning (Ministry of Industry; Myanmar)
DMIPDivision of Medical Imaging Physics (Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, MD)
DMIPData Management and Information Panel (Arctic Climate System Study and Climate and Crysophere Project)
DMIPDCS Mediterranean Improvement Program
DMIPDizzy Marshall Ibn Poe (German rapper)
DMIPDepartamento de Microbiologia, Imunologia e Parasitologia (Portuguese: Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Parasitology; Brazil)
DMIPDeferred Mode Image Processing (Intel)
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dollar, the DMIP consequently appreciated in the same proportion.
Susan VandeWoude, DVM, Associate Dean for Research CVMBS, Professor of Comparative Medicine, DMIP, at Colorado State University to lead the CVM's continuing research of CytoFeline[TM], and to conduct these additional efficacy tests.
2a), and a Leica DMIP polarizing light microscopy was used.
To prevent an automatic upward revision in August, the DMIP would need to fall by an average of 1.
With over 45 DMIPS of performance compared to the sub-DMIP performance typical of 8-bit MCUs and 3 - 5 DMIPS for 16-bit MCUs, the LPC1100 can not only execute basic control tasks but also sophisticated algorithms, making even the most complex tasks within reach.