DMIPSDhrystone MIPS (Million Instructions Per Second)
DMIPSDynamic Microscopic Image Processing Scanner
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Wireless Joey is powered by a 900MHz 2000 DMIPS BCM7418 processor.
In addition, it combines a data transport processor, HD video decoder technology, an advanced audio decoder, 2D graphics processing, video scaling and motion adaptive de-interlacing, six video DACs, stereo high-fidelity, audio DACs, a 450 DMIPS host CPU, security, dual USB 2.
Delivering over 800 DMIPS of computational power, the integrated VIPER processor provides the highest performance of any cable modem-based product currently available.
The synthesizable ARC 750D core now offers a clock frequency of up to 533 MHz and a Dhrystone DMIPS performance of 813 on a 0.
The STM32F7 delivers 1082 CoreMark/462 DMIPS executing from embedded Flash with the ST ART Accelerator[TM] at 216 MHz and up to twice the DSP performance without compromising on power efficiency.
The SMP8910 provides more than 6,000 DMIPS via a dual-core 1004K MIPS CPU - achieving real-world performance never before possible on a STB SoC.
It operates on a dual-threaded MIPS(R) CPU core running at 450 MHz resulting in over 950 DMIPS in performance.
Both hard cores also feature low power consumption and a typical performance of over 200MHz delivering more than 280 DMIPS.
By increasing their speed to 50 MHz or 83 DMIPS, Microchip is taking the PIC32MX1/MX2 MCUs' performance to a new level, in combination with its feature-packed peripherals and 4-channel DMA.
Microchip's new 24-member PIC32MZ Embedded Connectivity (EC) family of 32-bit MCUs provides class-leading performance of 330 DMIPS and 3.
The multi-core processor reportedly features a 74K core running at 667MHz and providing 1330 DMIPS to enable a wide range of application-based features.
A dual-core 400MHz targeted implementation of ARM11 MPCore processor delivers more than 1,000 DMIPS of aggregate performance while occupying less than 2.