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DMITDisease Management Information Toolkit (UK)
DMITDouglas Mawson Institute of Technology (Australia)
DMITDoctor of Management in Information Technology
DMITData Management Integration Team (US NOAA)
DMITDistrict Manager in Training (various companies)
DMITDermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Test (child development)
DMITDigital Media and Instructional Technologies (Arizona State University)
DMITDigital Media and Information Technology
DMITDistributed Mission Interoperability Toolkit
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O consumo de BCAAs durante e apos exercicios danificadores se mostrou eficiente na diminuicao da DMIT (Jackman e colaboradores, 2010) e na protecao contra o DM (Howatson e colaboradores, 2012).
A DMIT e sensacao de desconforto e/ou dor na musculatura esqueletica que ocorre apos a execucao de um movimento ao qual nao se esta acostumado ou em resposta a aumento na intensidade do treinamento.
A mensuracao da dor muscular de inicio tardio (DMIT) atraves de escalas de percepcao subjetiva de dor (Clarkson e Hubal, 2002); 3.
Em sua maioria os estudos relacionados a DMIT tem como area de estudo o exercicio resistido, porem alguns estudos relatam que ha a presenca da DMIT em exercicios aerobicos, mais especificamente a corrida em declive (Molina e Amorim, 2007).
The latest to join the DMIT trend are working professionals as well as HR teams who are using it to define career choices as well as for finding the right candidate for a job and accurately discovering employees' potential for professional development.
Out of thirty inbred lines, ten lines viz., DMIT 105, DMIT 106, DMIT 111, DMIT 113, DMIT 118, DMIT 121, DMIT 123, DMIT 124, DMIT 125 and DMIT 126 recorded less than or equal to score 2 and grouped them as resistant; twelve inbred lines viz., DMIT 101, DMIT 103, DMIT 104, DMIT 107, DMIT 108, DMIT 109, DMIT 110, DMIT 112, DMIT 119, DMIT 122, DMIT 127 and DMIT 129 possessing score 3.0 were categorized as moderate resistant and eight inbred lines viz., DMIT 102, DMIT 114, DMIT 117, DMIT 120, DMIT 130, DMIT 115, DMIT 116 and DMIT 128 exhibited TLB score 4 were categorized as susceptible and susceptible check (CM202) had score 5 was categorized as highly susceptible to TLB (Table 2).
* DMIT it, does your hallway all too often become a dumping ground where bags, shoes and coats are quickly discarded en route to the sofa or kitchen?
More recently, a spin crossover conductor, [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], 32) in which [Ni[(dmit).sub.2]] ([dmit.sup.2]- = 1,3-dithiole-2-thione-4,5-dithiolato) is a potential conducting molecule and [Fe[(qsal).sub.2]][sup.+] (qsalH = N-(8-quinolyl)salicylaldimine) is a spin crossover complex, (33) was reported by Takahashi.
DENSO Corporation (DENSO) (TYO: 6902), a Japan-based auto parts supplier, is planning to consolidate its manufacturing operations of starters and alternators in Europe to DENSO Manufacturing Italia SpA (DMIT) in San Salvo, Italy.
DMIT, 100-percent owned by DENSO Corporation, produces starters, alternators and small motors, and employs approximately 1,100 people.
Krishnamurthi received the DMIT degree from Madras Institute of Technology in 1976, the Master of Engineering from Madras University in 1978 and the Doctorate degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras in 1989.