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DMLData Manipulation Language (US DoD)
DMLDigital Media Library (various organizations)
DMLDélégation à la Mer et au Littoral (French: Delegation to the Sea and Coast)
DMLDayton Metro Library (Dayton, OH)
DMLDevelopment Markup Language
DMLData Manipulation Language
DMLDigital Media Library
DMLDeclarative Markup Language
DMLDatabase Manipulation Language
DMLDepartment of Modern Languages (various schools)
DMLDoheny Memorial Library (University of Southern California)
DMLDigital Mathematics Library
DMLDronning Maud Land (Antarctica)
DMLData Modification Language
DMLDragon Models Limited
DMLDiagnostic Medlab (Auckland, NZ)
DMLDevonport Management Limited (UK)
DMLDirection de la Maintenance et de la Logistique (French: Directorate of Maintenance and Logistics)
DMLDeclarative Markup Language (computing)
DMLDucati Monster List (vehicle forum)
DMLDirectly Modulated Lasers
DMLDistributed Measurement Laboratory
DMLDistribution Messagerie Location (French: Mail Distribution Location)
DMLData Manipulation Logic
DMLDéveloppement Matériel Logiciel (French: Hardware Software Development)
DMLDeLorean Mailing List
DMLDemonstrated Master Logistician
DMLDistinguished Microwave Lecturer (IEEE-MTT-S)
DMLDeterministic Maximum Likelihood
DMLDoctor of Modern Languages
DMLDialog Markup Language
DMLDiploma in Modern Languages
DMLInternational Development Markup Language
DMLDimensional Metrology Laboratory (Rocky Flats)
DMLDefense Medical Logistics
DMLData Management Link (CAP Automation)
DMLDirector, Medical Logistics
DMLDaughters of Saint Mary of Leuca
DMLDepot Maintenance Literature
DMLDepot Maintenance Liaison
DMLDistributed Multi Link
DMLDistribution Management Level
DMLDedicated Management Link
DMLDigital Mud Logging (geology)
DMLDepot Maintenance Level
DMLDeferred Maintenance List
DMLDigital Microscopy Leader (Mediterranean Association of International Schools Zoom Pre-Conference)
DMLDes Moines Library (Seattle, WA)
DMLDivision of Materials Licensing (Atomic Energy Commission)
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Only one paralarva of Sepiolidae was collected (5.5 mm DML), and identified as Semirossia patagonica (Smith, 1881).
-- Para o fonema /R/: maior frequencia da estrategia de omissao para os graus DML, DMG e DG, semivocalizacao/omissao de liquida para o grau DG, e tambem, a nao ocorrencia de emprego de estrategias para o grau DL (Tabela 8).
Sintezuojant DML tiksliniu parametru gali buti charakteringasis impedansas [Z.sub.0] arba santykine efektyvioji dielektrine skvarba[[epsilon].sub.ref].
The joint initiative by the DML enterprise used the JVS as a guide to ensure a shared vision and development of joint objectives.
Males smaller than 21-mm DML were in phase 0 with a large production of spermatogonia, revealing clearly the immature stage (1)--that is, only spermatogonia of 3.4 [+ or -] 0.5 [micro]m in diameter (Fig.
We do not advocate changing the current method because, as shown here, morphological relationships for total length (TL) and maximum length ([L.sub.Max]) can be reliably predicted from dorsal mantle length (DML).
DML also provides operational support to warships and refitting for frigates, tankers and survey vessels.
Graduate vacancies will be up for grabs in GO Wales (running alongside Job Scene) from companies such as ACCA, Baker Tilly, BBC, Civil Service Fast Stream, Diageo, DML, HSBC, J Sainsbury, John Lewis, Majestic Wine Warehouse and Nationwide.
The Design for Multimedia in Learning (DML) Model has four distinct stages; of brainstorming cooperative group learning using synchronous media, then lateral-thinking collaborative learning using asynchronous media, followed by hypotheses-testing collaborative asynchronous, and finally sharing experiential-learning cooperatively using synchronous media.
With a click of a mouse the SQL DML (data manipulation language) for tables, views, stored procedures and all database objects may be scripted to a query window.
The LASERTEC DML 80 PowerDrill is equipped with compound table, linear drives with high dynamic response on the rotary axes, and solid machine bed of polymer concrete with three-point support to eliminate vibrations during machining, thereby counteracting any restrictions on high precision.
The radioactive waste came from spent fuel from Trident nuclear submarines at Devonport Dockyards Ltd (DML) which is based in Plymouth.