DMLGBDual Mode Laser Guided Bomb (weapon; Lockheed Martin Corporation)
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The testing of these weapons proved that the latest paveway II DMLGB updated to Block II Operational Flight Program software enhances the performance of weapons and efficiency of all the three modes of release.
Navy and Marine Corps customers to develop the Block II Operational Flight Program software upgrade to the paveway II DMLGB guidance kits," adding, "Delivered to the fleet earlier this year, the enhanced fire-and-forget technology of our DMLGB kits provides naval warfighters with a mature and highly maneuverable all-weather direct-attack capability."
The precision paveway II DMLGB weapons are only manufactured by Lockheed, which is the sole-source developer to the United States Navy and the United States Marine Corps.
Under current plans, the Jdam (together with the LGB, DMLGB, LCDB and Maverick) will eventually be replaced in the US Navy inventory under the Direct Attack Moving Target Capability programme, through retrofits to the GBU-12 and -38.