DMMEDepartment of Mines, Minerals and Energy (Virginia)
DMMEDivision of Mines, Minerals and Energy (Virginia)
DMMEDepartment of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering (University of Malta)
DMMEDepartment of Mechanical and Marine Engineering (University of Plymouth; UK)
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In an attempt to achieve the product selectivity between addition and isomerization, and to better understand the reaction mechanism and stereochemistry, and its role in understanding similar processes in the environment and biological systems, a systematic study on the bromination of DMME using halogenated solvent and reagent was undertaken.
"Their support will help us work in partnership with Virginia DMME to address legacy mining features that degrade one of our nation's most treasured river systems."
"Vulcan Materials' thoughtful planning and careful treatment of sensitive wetlands and a historical landmark during the mining and reclamation of the Skippers Quarry and the Curies Neck Sand and Gravel mine earned the company this special recognition," said DMME Director Conrad Spangler.
Maleic acid (cis-2-butene-l, 4-dioic acid), and its corresponding methyl ester (DMME) in which the alkene double bond is in conjugation with carboxyl group, is known to undergo isomerization on treatment with aqueous bromine or Br2/CC14 under UV light to form the thermodynamically more stable trans isomer.
This is a surface mine that covers more than 74 acres in which three coal seams are mined.The permit was issued from DMME in April 2014, and currently the company is working to add more than 93 acres for additional mining.
"Despite trends in the coal industry, as long as one person is mining coal in Virginia, these teams must be prepared for any emergency," DMME Mine Chief Randy Moore said.
The DMME said that, for the first time, all miners that were involved with its Small Mine Safety Service Program earned awards (AB&J and Black Diamond).
Interestingly, as previously discussed, cost-related factors do not emerge as relevant drivers in DMMEs' decision to undertake a HBKA implementation in emerging countries.