DMMSDynamic Memory Management System
DMMSDepartment of Materials and Medical Sciences
DMMSDans un Monde Multiservice (French cleaning company)
DMMSDistributed Method Management System
DMMSDivision Materiel Management System
DMMSData Management Mission Statement (Sprint)
DMMSdistributed micromotion system
DMMSDistributed Multimedia-Mapping Server
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12 for more on the DAQ6510 and KickStart 2.0 instrument-control software.) The DMM combines a pinch and zoom touchscreen interface with 15 different measurement functions, wide measurement ranges, and multichannel measurement capability.
A method for generating depth motion maps (DMM) has been proposed by Yang et al.
Based on three DMMs' descriptor feature, the ICRC approach is to jointly maximize the likelihood that a test sample belongs to each of the multiple classes, then the final classification is performed by computing the likelihood for each class.
The firm said that it would become a designated market maker (DMM) on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) following the acquisition of Barclays Plc's (LSE: BARC) DMM trading business.
In 2004, the OSE introduced the possibility for financial intermediaries to declare themselves as DMMs in a firm's stock, where the firm pays the DMM for the market making service.
However, the resolutions of DMMs and DAQ cards are expressed differently, complicating--but not preventing--a direct comparison
Often, you need a DMM or a MIL STD 1553 channel and you can find one in a 3U PXI module."
(1.) Lecklider, T., "Full-Function DMMs Streamline Test Systems," EE-Evaluation Engineering, February 2006, pp.
Travis White, the DMMs and Power Supplies Product Manager at National Instruments, stressed that NI goes to great lengths to provide detailed specifications for DMM modules and cards for different operating conditions, aperture times and digital resolutions.
"The DMMs [divisional merchandise managers] and GMMs [general merchandise managers] we talked to said we have been too reliant on fourth-quarter business," said Dave Lengyel, president of Pfaltzgraff Consumer Products.
Many hand-held DMMs now offer about 4 1/2 to 5 digits of resolution - about the same as conventional bench DMMs offered five years ago - giving them the ability to provide researchers with reliable, usable measurements across a number of applications.
As the electronic components these engineers work on become increasingly smaller and more sophisticated, the measurement requirements for high-end DMMs similarly increase for the continually smaller currents, voltages and resistances.