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DMNDallas Morning News (newspaper)
DMNDigital Media Network
DMNDimethylnitrosamine (carcinogen)
DMNDefault Mode Network (brain area)
DMNDecision Model & Notation
DMNDorsal Motor Nucleus (vagus nerve)
DMNDisease Management Nurse
DMNDefective Material Notification (various companies)
DMNData Multiplexing Network
DMNDefective Material Notice
DMNDiscrete Memoryless Network
DMNDocument Management Number
DMNDigital Milti-Network
DMNDynamic Mesh Network
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The posterior cingulate cortex (PCC) forms a central node of the DMN and has an important role in schizophrenia.
02 (System of Families of Languages and Knowledge-Interoperation Hub) and DMN 1.
DMN acquires an average of 15 new clients every month and by the end of 2015, its CEO said they hope to reach its target of servicing 300 regional clients.
Se encontro mayor activacion cerebral en el giro cingulo, el Hc derecho y el giro parahipocampal dentro de la red temporolimbica, y en la corteza frontomedial en la red DMN de los sujetos con TBI sin medicacion en comparacion con los que estaban en monoterapia con litio, pero la diferencia no fue estadisticamente significativa.
From left, Nick Chadaway, co-owner of DMN Logistics, Khawar Ahmad, relationship manager, LBCF, Andrew Collett, client manager at LBCF.
However, DMN administration significantly increased TGF-131, smad2, smad3, [alpha]-SMA and TIMP-1 expressions, while smad7 and MMP-1 levels were reduced (p <0.
Sibon, the widespread chemical changes that result from a stroke may lead to the modification of connectivity in brain networks such as the DMN.
Mark Lamont, project director at DMN, said the stands would be manned entirely by UK - and mainly Yorkshire-based - staff.
DMN UK (tel: 01249 818400), manufacturer and supplier of the renowned DMN Westinghouse range of rotary, diverter and slide valves is delighted to announce the appointment of Jim Inglis to promote their business in Scotland.
DMN is published 24 times a year with an annual subscription price of $389.
The name and branding stem from a DMN study of high-tech's five strongest local sectors.
DMN recently had to create a better system to transport raw material from the warehouse to the presses.