DMNCDependable Maximum Net Capability (energy measurement)
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Masanori Iyama will lead Denso's North America Motors Business group and serve as president of DMNC.
DMNC produces blower motors, power seat motors, windshield wiper systems, power window motors, electric power steering motors and pinch sensor assemblies.
This paper aims to analyze the interactions between home country governments and Developing Country Multinational Companies (DMNCs).
Recent interest in understanding the internationalization of DMNCs was motivated by a systemic change in global FDI flows.
Despite the fact that the political environment is pointed out as a constrainer or supporter of DMNCs strategies, only anecdotal information exists about how, and through which mechanisms, the interaction between DMNCs and governments occurs.
We also point to the relevance of industrial and foreign trade policies in shaping the importance that political connections have gained in the case of DMNCs. We then describe our research methodology, our study sample and our main findings, proposing constructs to classify DMNC-home country government mechanisms of interaction.
The government has had an important involvement in the creation of policies that support sectors deemed strategic, such as the automotive and petrochemical industries (Shapiro, 1994) and currently holds an ownership position in many of the most internationalized DMNCs in the country (6).
In reality, policy changes come as part of an effort to adapt emerging economies' procedures and mechanisms of interaction with companies against those from developed countries, since DMNCs have unique characteristics and behaviors (Sargent & Ghaddar, 2001).
We conducted a qualitative analysis in order to uncover the mechanisms of interaction between governments and DMNCs and their effect on a firm's international insertion.
This study works towards a better recognition of the political aspects in DMNCs' entry and expansion phases in international markets.
Our goal in this work was to pay attention to the combination of mechanisms from both Brazilian domestic and foreign policy that influence Brazilian DMNCs internationalization.