DMNHDelaware Museum of Natural History (Wilmington, DE)
DMNHDayton Museum of Natural History (Ohio)
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Phillips near Acahuizotla (DMNH, 14 January 1969; MAM, two specimens, 26 February 1986; Navarro, 1998).
Gosselin), Delaware Museum of Natural History (DMNH, G.
Type material.--Male holotype, female allotype, and 2 males and 1 female paratype from Mack Burn Area, Rincon Mountains, Pima County, Arizona, USA (DMNH).
Recorded specimens.--Three males, three females collected 4 miles north of Bluff, San Juan County, Utah, USA (DMNH).
Recorded specimens.--Four males and four females (DMNH).
Type material.--Male holotype and female allotype from Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Kane County, Utah, USA (DMNH).
Type material.--Male holotype, female allotype, and 5 male and 5 female paratypes from Winchester, San Bernadino County, California, USA (DMNH).
Museum Accession Locality Year Month [N.sub [N.sub .T] .w] ANSP 79623 Wildwood, 1900 ND >100 4 NJ ANSP 81550 Sea Isle 1901 July >100 1 City, NJ ANSP 53033 Atlantic -1886 ND 34 1 City, NJ DMNH 44079 Avalon, NJ 1962 September 14 1 DMNH 222232 Indian 1965 August 11 2 River Inlet, DE Museum is either the Academy of Natural Sciences Philadelphia (ANSP) or Delaware Museum of Natural History (DMNH).
We thank Jim McLean, Lindsey and Cathy Groves, Gordon Hendler, Don Cadien, and George Davis (LACM); Henry Chaney, Paul Scott, and Patricia Sadeghian (SBMNH); Eugene Coan, Liz Kools, Chris Mah, and Bob Van Syoc (CAS); Carole Hertz and Tom Demere (SDNHM); Al Chadwick and Tim Pearce (DMNH); and Gary Rosenberg (ANSP) for taxonomic and range verifications and voucher material deposition.
Mary's, 1 (DMNH); 1 (VPIMM); 1 (USNM); Cumberland Island, 1 (DMNH).
The cubes range from 5 mm to 2.5 cm across; the largest single cube observed from this pocket is 4.4 cm across (DMNH #16843).
He found that material labeled "freibergite" (DMNH #12467) had only about 1 weight % Ag and is stoichiometrically tennantite.