DMNLDirect Multi Network Link
DMNLDorsomedial Hypothalamic Nuclei Lesions
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Parameters and model equations (001) Active Fleet = Total fleet * Fraction of active fleet Units: ship Number of ships fishing in the Wetlands (002) Adequacy of fleet size = (Economically active population in fishing cooperatives/Crew per ship)/Total fleet Units: Dmnl A ratio describing how well the current fleet employ people in Tamiahua.
Milko Milkonian, an American electrical engineer, was an active member of the Democratic Movement for National Liberation (DMNL), the most cohesive and largest communist group of Egypt's surging, yet highly divided leftist movement.
Nasser was never a communist, but he exploited the DMNL for his own interests before the 1952 coup.According to Ahmed Hamroush, head of the DMNL military branch, he printed all the free officers' leaflets at their print shops to avoid being prosecuted by military tribunals.