DMNRDynamic Mobile Network Routing (mobile IP technology)
DMNRDepartment of Marine and Natural Resources
DMNRDetector Mesh for Nuclear Repositories (Italy)
DMNRDepartment of Mining & Natural Resources (South Africa)
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In order to analyze the accuracy of the constitutive equation, the comparison of stress values between experimental and predicated values for the JC, MJC, strain compensation Arrhenius-type model [11], and DMNR [3] is shown in Figure 9.
The values of R and AARE of the modified Johnson Cook constitutive equation is relatively not very accurate compared to that of the Arrhenius-type and DMNR models.
2) The predictability of the constitutive models, including the JC, MJC, strain compensation Arrhenius-type model, and DMNR were evaluated in the context of correlation coefficient (R) and average absolute relative error (AARE).