DMNSDenver Museum of Nature and Science (Denver, CO, USA)
DMNSDigital Media Network Services
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Funding for solifuge research at the DMNS was supported by NSF grant DEB-0640245 awarded to PEC and funding from the Kenneth King Foundation and the DMNS curator grant support.
Interestingly, as for the computed [[beta].sub.vec] data, [mu](1,4-DMN) and [mu](2,3-DMN) (Table 3) are, respectively, the smallest and greatest [mu] values along the series of the DMNs. The order of the [mu] values is roughly similar to that of the first-order hyperpolarizabilities, a linear relationship between the [[beta].sub.vec] and [mu] values being established ([[beta].sub.vec] = 118.32 + 948.6 x [mu], r = 0.92).
BACA COUNTY: 6 mi S, 10 mi W Camp, Picture Canyon, 1 (UCM); Furnace (Furnish) Canyon, 9 (DMNS); Gaume's Ranch, 4600 ft., 2 (WC); Monon, 2 (WC); 17 mi S, 4 mi W Pritchett (T34S, R49W, Sec.
Abbreviations.--MA = median apophysis; TA= terminal apophysis; MS = median septum; PLE = posterior lateral eyes; PER = posterior eye row; AME = Anterior median eyes; AMNH = American Museum of Natural History; BYU = Brigham Young University; DMNS = Denver Museum of Nature & Science; KU = Kansas University; MCZ = Museum of Comparative Zoology; USNM = United States National Museum, Smithsonian Institution.
Icenogle (CSN); San Bernardino County: 2 L Covington Flats (34.04[degrees]N, 116.31[degrees]W), June 2001, USGS, San Diego (DMNS), 1 [male], Winchester (33.37[degrees]N, 17.15[degrees]W), 15 June 1967, W.R.
Specimens used in this study are deposited in the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA (MCZ); the American Museum of Natural History in New York, NY (AMNH); the Division of Plant Industry in Gainesville, FL (DPI); New Mexico State University (NMSU); the University of Colorado in Boulder (CU); and the Denver Museum of Nature & Science (DMNS).
Abbreviations for collections are as follows: DMNS = Denver Museum of Nature & Science, Denver, Colorado; EMEC = Essig Museum of Entomology, University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, California; FSCA = Florida State Collection of Arthropods, G ainesville, Florida; SDMC = San Diego Natural History Museum, San Diego, California.
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Tenders are invited for strategic communications & project marketing team to assist the mayor~s office of the national western center, in collaboration with the western stock show association ("wssa"), colorado state university ("csu"), denver museum of nature & science ("dmns"), and history colorado ("hc"), herein referred to as the founding partners , in the strategic development and implementation of all project communications, marketing, branding and targeted project outreach tools in support of the national western center campus ("nwc") project.
Two methylnaphthalenes (MN), two ethylnaphthalenes (EN), nine dimethylnaphthalenes (DMN), ten trimethylnaphthalenes (TMN), eleven tetramethylnaphthalenes (TeMN) and two ethyl-methyl-naphthalenes (EMN) isomers were identified in the aromatic fractions of the coal and shale extracts (Figs.