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Funding for solifuge research at the DMNS was supported by NSF grant DEB-0640245 awarded to PEC and funding from the Kenneth King Foundation and the DMNS curator grant support.
Interestingly, as for the computed [[beta].sub.vec] data, [mu](1,4-DMN) and [mu](2,3-DMN) (Table 3) are, respectively, the smallest and greatest [mu] values along the series of the DMNs. The order of the [mu] values is roughly similar to that of the first-order hyperpolarizabilities, a linear relationship between the [[beta].sub.vec] and [mu] values being established ([[beta].sub.vec] = 118.32 + 948.6 x [mu], r = 0.92).
BACA COUNTY: 6 mi S, 10 mi W Camp, Picture Canyon, 1 (UCM); Furnace (Furnish) Canyon, 9 (DMNS); Gaume's Ranch, 4600 ft., 2 (WC); Monon, 2 (WC); 17 mi S, 4 mi W Pritchett (T34S, R49W, Sec.
Abbreviations.--MA = median apophysis; TA= terminal apophysis; MS = median septum; PLE = posterior lateral eyes; PER = posterior eye row; AME = Anterior median eyes; AMNH = American Museum of Natural History; BYU = Brigham Young University; DMNS = Denver Museum of Nature & Science; KU = Kansas University; MCZ = Museum of Comparative Zoology; USNM = United States National Museum, Smithsonian Institution.
Icenogle (CSN); San Bernardino County: 2 L Covington Flats (34.04[degrees]N, 116.31[degrees]W), June 2001, USGS, San Diego (DMNS), 1 [male], Winchester (33.37[degrees]N, 17.15[degrees]W), 15 June 1967, W.R.
Specimens used in this study are deposited in the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA (MCZ); the American Museum of Natural History in New York, NY (AMNH); the Division of Plant Industry in Gainesville, FL (DPI); New Mexico State University (NMSU); the University of Colorado in Boulder (CU); and the Denver Museum of Nature & Science (DMNS).
Abbreviations for collections are as follows: DMNS = Denver Museum of Nature & Science, Denver, Colorado; EMEC = Essig Museum of Entomology, University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, California; FSCA = Florida State Collection of Arthropods, G ainesville, Florida; SDMC = San Diego Natural History Museum, San Diego, California.
Two methylnaphthalenes (MN), two ethylnaphthalenes (EN), nine dimethylnaphthalenes (DMN), ten trimethylnaphthalenes (TMN), eleven tetramethylnaphthalenes (TeMN) and two ethyl-methyl-naphthalenes (EMN) isomers were identified in the aromatic fractions of the coal and shale extracts (Figs.