DMOADes Moines Officials' Association (Iowa)
DMOADiploma in Medical Office Administration
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In the second stage, quaternary (protonated) nitrogen atoms of DMOA molecules and [sp.sup.2] carbon atoms of graphene sheets interact via the Coulomb force [69, 70], and the formed associates are removed from the graphite surface to the exfoliating medium by the "sliding" mechanism.
The advantages of our approach are due to the fact that, firstly, DMOA was used in the small amounts, and under appropriate conditions of the technological process, its absorption and recycle are possible.
Caption: Figure 1: Mechanism for the formation of graphene by exfoliating graphite powder and its fixation on the surface of DMOA nanodroplets in acidified aqua-oil emulsion.
According to DMOA, "Background radiation and nuisance source population characteristics generally dictate detection threshold settings through their impact on innocent alarm rates.
DMOA used real-world data to compare the performance of several algorithms.
DMOA studied the resolution needed to distinguish threats from other sources of radiation.
DMOA uses statistical methods to transform a real-world data set into data for different detectors and conditions.
Most funds spent on DMOA are for staff salaries, so the likelihood of unanticipated cost increases appears low.