DMOBDowntown Merchants of Blacksburg (Virginia)
DMOBDefensive Missile Order of Battle
DMOBDreams Made of Bits (German website)
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Yamada briefly reported on four case studies that were conducted in 2015, in vitro mutagenicity of 3,3' dimethoxybenzidine (DMOB)-based direct dyes (Canada and US), repeated dose toxicity of substituted diphenylamines (SDPA) (Canada), hepatotoxicity of allyl ester category (Japan), and bioaccumulation potential of biodegradation products of 4,4'-bis(chloromethyl)-1,1'-biphenyl (Japan).
We signed acts such as Salt'n'Pepa, Steve Silk Hurley, DMob, The Cookie Crew, Brand New Heavies and Goldie."