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DMOSDouble Diffused Metal Oxide Semiconductor
DMOSDescriptif de Mode Opératoire de Soudage (French: Description of Welding Procedure)
DMOSDouble-Diffused Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
DMOSDiffusion Metal Oxide Semiconductor
DMOSDirect Marketing Operating System
DMOSDynamique des Milieux et Organisations Spatiales (French: Media Dynamics and Spatial Organization)
DMOSDelayed Muscle Onset Soreness
DMOSDuty Military Occupational Specialty
DMOSDiffusive Mixing of Organic Solutions
DMOSDistributed Mature Object Space
DMOSDiscrete Metal Oxide Semiconductor
DMOSDegredation Mean Opinion Score
DMOSDifferential Mean Opinion Score
DMOSDirect Manipulation Office Systems
DMOSDeployment Mobility System
DMOSDocument Management and Output Solutions
DMOSDethroning Moment of Suck
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A constant current is generated by Opampl and an external resistor (metal-film for good temperature variation characteristics), and is output as the drain current of a DMOS (Offset DMOS) with the same device structure as the sensing DMOS, which generates a voltage corresponding to the offset current, Iofs (0.
From it, we can observe that the DMOS expresses positive correlation for the decreasing-type distortions such as white noise and Gaussian blur, while negative correlation is responded for the increasing-type distortions such as JPEG 2000, JPEG, and fast fading.
Especially high correlation with DMOS values in comparison to the other metrics, can be observed for the set of multiply distorted images.
To estimate the quality of the compressed video, we use the Differential MOS (DMOS) metric, so the estimated DMOS [D.
The VQA function is created for each FV to establish the relationship with the subjective DMOS.
The IC uses high-voltage bilateral DMOS switches and low power CMOS logic to provide efficient control of high voltage signals, up to 200V.
m process technology, that can be embedded with the transistors such as CMOS, DMOS, bipolar transistor and the passive devices such as resistor and capacitor.
The LT8304 operates over a 3V to 100V input voltage range, has a 2A/150V integrated DMOS power switcli and delivers up to 24 watts of output power, making it well suited for a wide variety of telecom, datacom, automotive, industrial, medical and military applications.
Figure 1 shows the output variations around the reference voltage; VFB illustrates the mechanism of entering/exiting burst mode; and Ids and Vds illustrate the bursts of current and voltage, respectively, associated with the DMOS integrated power transistor.