DMRGDigital Media Research Group (UK)
DMRGDistributed Multimedia Research Group (Lancaster University; UK)
DMRGDensity Matrix Renormalizaton Group
DMRGDirect Marketing Resources Group (Raleigh, NC)
DMRGData Management Research Group (Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory)
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In a previous paper [5], we obtained the faceting diagram for the p-RSOS model using the DMRG method.
The DMRG calculated surface tensions are shown in Section 3.
Hence, to obtain reliable results, we adopt the DMRG method [11-16], which was developed for one-dimensional quantum spin systems.
Examples of the Andreev free energy calculated by the DMRG method are shown in Figure 4 as a function of ([[eta].sub.x]/ [epsilon], [[eta].sub.y]/[epsilon]) for [[eta].sub.x] = [[eta].sub.y].
To ensure the reliability of the calculations, the DMRG method was used.
OSELEDETS, DMRG approach to fast linear algebra in the TT-format, Comput.