DMRMDivision of Mineral Resources Management
DMRMDead Man Rising Ministries (Kalamazoo, MI)
DMRMDeutscher Mäuse-Rassezuchtverein Muroidea e.V. (German mouse breeding club)
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More recently, in October 2011, the oil and gas program formerly under the ODNR DMRM became a standalone division known as the Division of Oil and Gas Resources Management.
(292) The bill also required the DMRM (293) to maintain Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) information on chemicals used in the fracturing process.
Related to safety issues surrounding a damaged well, Ohio law allows the Chief of DMRM (now DOGRM) to order the plugging of a well that has been irreparably damaged.
(296.) See STRONGER, supra note 149, at 14 (discussing how DMRM was considering adding a requirement for the CAS numbers in January 2011); see also Mike Chadsey, Improved Regulations Set the Stage for Increased Shale Development, ENERGY In Depth (Sept.
The challenge of the Chair of Department (CoD) of the DMRM is to plan and manage the DMRM in such a way as to ensure that the DMRM continues to deliver relevant marketing education to all students, while still meeting the broader University objectives.
The question arises as to what technology options are available to the DMRM and which of these are the most suitable to be used by the DMRM in servicing its students.
The lecturer, after all, will be the key driver behind the adoption and use of any technology that is decided on within the DMRM.
The objective of this particular study is thus focused on determining the opinions of the lecturing staff within the DMRM as to the most suitable learning technology(ies) to use in delivering learning to students in the distance learning sphere.
This study strives to answer the question as to which new learning technologies are viewed by the lecturing staff within the DMRM as the most appropriate for reaching and serving the Department's learners, as well as the challenges that are facing the implementation of these technologies.
* Step 1: All the lecturers in the DMRM were initially asked to identify at least five different new learning technologies that they believed would help support the learning offerings of the DMRM within the distance learning context.
Although it might appear tedious, the iterative Delphi methodology proved effective in ensuring that each lecturer (from junior to senior) had an opportunity to contribute to the overall decision-making in selecting the most suitable technology (ies) for the DMRM to use.
[6] Nonstandard abbreviations: NGS, next-generation sequencing; SCE, sequence capture and enrichment; emPCR, emulsion PCR; HQ, high-quality; DMRM, dual-mode reference mapping.