DMSACDistrict Multi-Sectoral AIDS Committee (Botswana, South Africa)
DMSACDisease Management Strategic Advisory Council (Institute for Health and Productivity Management)
DMSACDistinction and Meritorious Service Awards Committee (UK)
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He also said the country needed a healthy and responsible workforce for it to develop and expressed disappointment with head of departments who do not attend DMSAC meetings.
Mr Modise emphasised that DMSAC meetings were scheduled, thus members had no excuse particularly that reminders were sent out prior to the meeting.
The BNAPS's support to M&E would be guided by the following criteria: (i) support for the NSF and the development of a single national M&E system, under the principle of the "Three Ones"; (ii) support for an M&E system, that enables DMSACs to monitor and improve their performance as well as allowing for monitoring of community, district and national activities; (iii) support for institutional, human resource and systems development; and (iv) support for activities which are not being financed by other development partners; and (v) support to the NACA in its function as the lead coordinating agency for the sharing and coordinating of M&E activities between all agencies and donors.
At the District level, Botswana has been very effective in decentralizing project implementation-with the District Multi-Sectoral AIDS Committees (DMSACs) playing an important role in the implementation of HIV/AIDS activities by coordinating public sector, CSOs, FBOs, and partner activities at the community level with technical and fiduciary support from their national level counterparts as and when needed.