DMSIDocument Management Solutions, Inc.
DMSIDésenfumage Maintenance Sécurité Incendie (French fire prevention equipment company)
DMSIDesign Maintenance Systems, Inc. (Canada)
DMSIDefense Modeling and Simulation Initiative
DMSIDiscount Mortgage Source, Inc. (Rockwall, TX)
DMSIDirect Marketing Services, Inc (Chicago, IL)
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The logistics for DMSI for bringing pipe to the work area and fusing it for the pull in was complicated by tight space.
A comparison of the documents and information gathered by the BIR, however, showed that DMSI deliberately underdeclared its taxable income by P25.
Analysis of variance for the data DMSI in different sunflower genotypes revealed significant among genotypes
The DMSI values declined when exposed to 20% PEG concentration and variety S473 had the highest DMSI value (70.
Eight sunflower genotypes were evaluated for drought tolerance in terms of GSI, PHSI, RLSI, DMSI and RWCSI.
Investigators should administer the DMSI immediately after obtaining a confession from a suspect or during the overall interview and preserve this evidence.
Thus, investigators should ask all of the DMSI questions, even though suspects may respond to some of them by saying that they do not know or remember.
When encountering suspects who deny committing the crime, investigators still may find DMSI questions 1 to 3, 15, 23, and 27 to 38 valuable.
The DMSI system operates with Microsoft Windows, version 3.