DMSQDimanche Matin Saxophone Quartet (Canada)
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Conceivably, it may even be original--though, given the five cases of the spelling dmsq in the immediate context, this seems unlikely; but even if secondary, the presumed corruption need not be attributed to the graphic confusion of res and waw, as it may very well derive from the infiltration of a non-standard form with an authentic u vowel.
Third, while Rezetko (2007: 121-24) shows convincingly that the phonological process by which a doubled consonant CC dissimilates to rC is documented in Aramaic during the pre-exilic period, thereby proving the theoretical possibility of the development drmsq < dmsq in Aramaic at an early date, in no way does he prove its actual existence at that time.
In the absence of manuscript evidence demonstrating that drmsq is the result of a late scribal modification of dmsq that occurred during the process of textual transmission of Chronicles, the suggestion that MT Chronicles does not accurately represent the original language of the book is at best conjectural and at worst misleading.