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DMSSDefense Medical Surveillance System
DMSSDistributed Mass Storage System
DMSSDjibouti Maritime Security Services (Djibouti)
DMSSDecision Making Support System (computing)
DMSSDalhousie Medical Student Society (Dalhousie University; Canada)
DMSSDeployable Mission Support System (cyber security)
DMSSDual Mode Subscriber Software
DMSSDigital Mass Storage System
DMSSDistribution, Marketing, Sales, and Service
DMSSDepot Maintenance Standard Systems
DMSSDistributed Multimedia Software System
DMSSDirector, Maritime Ship Support (Canadian Navy)
DMSSDar-Ul-Mominien Schooling System (secondary education; Pakistan)
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1 obstruction, not elsewhere classified * The primary case definition required at least 2 ambulatory medical encounters recorded in DMSS with identical ICD-9 codes within 2 years (730 days).
In DMSS, complex outcomes [ILLEGIBLE TEXT] by association roles, and outcome incidence is captured monthly.
We briefly describe a newer version of DMSS experimental results obtained by using it to analyze 1 year's data from intensive [ILLEGIBLE TEXT] (ICUs) at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital.
In DMSS, the user specifies a set of rule templates that contains a inclusive and restrictive templates (Table 1).
By analyzing information stored in the history, DMSS generates alerts that [ILLEGIBLE TEXT] extreme change in the incidence of an outcome B in a group A over time.
The DMSS contains longitudinal records of all service members personnel, medical, and serological information.
The data was loaded into the DMSS between January 1, 1998, and December 31, 2007.