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DMTDiscrete Multitone
DMTDance/Movement Therapist (American Dance Therapy Association)
DMTDiscrete Multi Tone
DMTDrop Modulation Technology
DMTDesign Maturity Testing
DMTDuo Mobile Technology
DMTDynamic Method Table
DMTDiscrete Monitor Timings
DMTDocument Management
DMTDifferential Material Technology
DMTData Migration Team
DMTDesign Methods and Tools
DMTDocument Messaging Technologies
DMTData Migration Tool
DMTdisaster management team (United Nations)
DMTDream Multimedia TV
DMTDirector of Military Training (various locations)
DMTDiversity-Multiplexing Tradeoff
DMTDigital Media Technologies
DMTDeutsche Montan Technologie
DMTDiscrete Multitone Technology
DMTDistributed Mission Training (US DoD)
DMTDry Metric Tonnes
DMTDurée Moyenne de Traitement (French: Average Duration of Treatment; various companies)
DMTDundalk Marine Terminal (Baltimore, MD)
DMTDisease Modifying Therapy
DMTDecision Making Team (various organizations)
DMTDiver Medical Technician
DMTData Management Team
DMTDeployment Management Team
DMTDistributed Management Task Force
DMTDiamond Machining Technology, Inc.
DMTDroplet Measurement Technologies (Boulder, CO)
DMTDivine Moments of Truth (slang for dimethyltryptamine)
DMTDireccion de Materiales Toxicos (Spanish: Directorate of Toxic Materials)
DMTDMSMS (Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages) Management Team
DMTData Miniaturization Technology
DMTDansk Modem Turnering (Swedish: Danish Modem Tournament)
DMTDigital Mapping Technique
DMTDatabase Management Technology
DMTDidier Munschy Technologies (French home protection company)
DMTDriver Motor Transport (UK and Australia)
DMTDiffusion Matériel Thermique (French: Thermal Equipment Distribution)
DMTDirectorate Management Team
DMTDet Mosaiske Trossamfunn (Nowegian)
DMTDepartment of Motor Traffic (Sri Lanka)
DMTDiscrete Monitor Timing
DMTDraw My Thing (game)
DMTDistributed Mission Trainer (US DoD)
DMTData Management Toolkit
DMTDual-Mode Tracker
DMTDesign Management Team
DMTData Monitor Tool
DMTDirectives Maintenance Team (International Electrotechnical Commission)
DMTDeep Mobile Target
DMTDesign Maturity Test
DMTDocument pour le Médecin du Travail (French: Document for the Occupational Physician)
DMTDigital Media Thoughts
DMTDecreed Moscow Time
DMTDual-Mode Transmitter
DMT1,4-Dimethyl Terephthalate (polyester PETE manufacture)
DMTDivision of Mass Transit
DMTDeacon Ministry Team
DMTDevotional Ministry of Trance
DMTDispersive Mechanism Test
DMTDunkerque Multibulk Terminal (French)
DMTDimethyl Terephthalate
DMTDigital Microscopy Technology (Mediterranean Association of International Schools)
DMTDefective Material Tag
DMTDesign Maintenance Test
DMTDistrict Management Team
DMTDevelopmental Maintenance Testing
DMTDaeyeon Motor Trading
DMTDirected Mission Task (US Army)
DMTDisposal Management Team
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Kim's qualification as a DMT coach also makes Aberdeen the only university to provide regular training in the specific discipline.
Using a process in which microdialysis tubing is inserted into a rat brain through the pineal gland, the researchers collected a sample that was analyzed for -- and confirmed -- the presence of DMT. That experiment resulted in a paper published in 2013.
Located in a 28,000-[ft.sup.2] plant in Marlborough, Mass., DMT ( employs 25 to 30 people in metal stamping, electroplating, and finishing the metal sharpening surfaces, as well as injection molding and packaging.
He also aptly noted that the near-death experience (NDE) can be characterized by psychedelic and mystical qualities, and that the DMT experience often shares the same features as the NDE.
A reference lab analysis later showed greater than 2,000 ng/mL dimethyltryptamine (DMT) in his urine.
She was selected to represent Great Britain in the 11-12 age group for DMT at the Scalabis Cup in Portugal - an international competition featuring a strong field of gymnasts from around the world.
DMT is also far more effective in controlling drinking among severe alcoholics, compared to other hallucinogens like LSD or magic mushrooms.
Court records showed that Platinum Group transported on behalf of OMDC a total of 203,399.135 DMT from May 30, 2005, to April 3, 2006, and 79,330 DMT from June 2, 2006, to July 31, 2006.
[USPRwire, Wed Apr 13 2016] GlobalData's new report, "Dimethyl Terephthalate (DMT) Industry Outlook in Germany to 2019 - Market Size, Company Share, Price Trends, Capacity Forecasts of All Active and Planned Plants", provides in-depth coverage of Germany's Dimethyl Terephthalate (DMT) industry and presents major market trends.
GlobalData's new report, "Dimethyl Terephthalate (DMT) Industry Outlook in Poland to 2019 - Market Size, Price Trends and Trade Balance", provides in-depth coverage of Poland's Dimethyl Terephthalate (DMT) industry and presents major market trends.
Performed by DMT GbmH & Co, one of the largest ever inner-city 3D surveys came to a successful end last week.
When Dax Peterson found out he had multiple sclerosis in 2011, he didn't really believe it--and he didn't think his first disease-modifying therapy (DMT) was helping him.