DMT IDivalent Metal Transporter (protein)
DMT IDiabetes Mellitus Type 1
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"I thought if DMT is an endogenous monoamine, it should be very easy to detect using a fluorescence detector."
customers using various elements of Wittmann 4.0, but DMT is the first with the very latest technology.
Jacob & Presti (2005) also noted that DMT is virtually unique among the various endogenous neuro-transmitters and neuro-hormones in that it is a molecule small enough to have blood-brain barrier permeability (Krippner & Friedman, 2009).
DMT is a 'psychomimetic' or 'psychogenic' drug, meaning it 'mimics psychosis.' But, in fact, it makes one temporarily psychotic with auditory and visual hallucinations, as well as delusions experienced by psychotics.
At the end of [T.sub.TRA] (1), DMT is updated again as shown in Table 2(b).
The impact of correlation and nonzero channel means on DMT is discussed in Section V.
"Congress's general conclusion that DMT is dangerous in the abstract," he said, "does not establish that the government has a compelling interest in prohibiting the consumption of hoasca under the conditions presented here."
The DMT is comprised of experts from RightNow's legal, marketing, development, hosting, customer service and professional services departments.
The difference between the IMT and DMT is the duration between stimuli to be compared.
"The design of the new DMT is such that they can be taken apart and put together easily, because it is a modular design," said Steve Detro, senior manager of Air Force programs at SGI Federal, one of the subcontractors on the DMT program.
According to Dixon (1971, 1981), the DMT is probably the best researched instrument for the study of preconscious processes.
As part of the contract, DMT is supplying six GPS stations, including hardware and software.