DMTIDigital Multi Track Interface
DMTIDismount Moving Target Indicator (radar)
DMTIDesktop Mapping Technologies, Inc.
DMTIDiffusion Matériels et Techniques Industrielles (French industrial equipment company)
DMTIDigital Mapping Technologies Inc.
DMTIDigital Moving Target Indicator
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All public and private kindergarten to grade 12 schools listed in the DMTI Enhanced Points of Interest database were included in the study (N = 378).
DMTI will be offering multiple categories of training programs across Short Term and Medium Durations directly and has tied up with the likes of ITM group of Institutions and NIIT Imperia for partnering their long-term courses and certifying the students appearing for these courses.
Hepatocyte uptake of iron-related proteins Form of iron Hepatic uptake Entry into mechanism hepatocyte TBI TfRI - or Through DMTI TfR2-mediated on endosomai endocylosis membrane Direct uptake of Through DMTI, iron after releasing ZIP14 or from Tf on calcium hepatocyte surface channels on hepatocyte membrane NTBI Direct uptake of Through DMTI, iron after releasing ZIP14 or from carrier calcium molecule (mostly channels on citrate) on hepatocyte hepatocyte surface membrane Ferritin Lactoferrin Herne-hemopexin complex Specific Through receptor-mediated endocytosis uptake Hernoglobin-haptoglobin complex
DMTI said Hepp will lead its business growth in Professional Services and have responsibility for the overall client success strategy and implementation services.
Road network data (Statistics Canada 2006, DMTI CanMap RouteLogistics 2007) were used; the juxtaposition of the functional boundaries with the results of the clustering and wombling allowed us to identify any anomalies, that is, areas where there was disagreement, and to rectify these accordingly.
DMP) has acquired Canada-based location intelligence supplier DMTI Spatial (DMTI) from Neopost Canada to expand its roster of business and government clients across North America, the company said.
Socio-demographic and socio-economic data The socio-demographic and socio-economic variables used in this article to represent social disorganization theory and routine activity theory come from Statistics Canada's 1996 Census data, distributed by DMTI Spatial, Inc.
5 hor 15 & 30 Series Eccm (11) Power (12) AN/SPS-67 (V)3 AGC/ot * Series Weight (13) Other (14) AN/SPS-67 (V)3 1400 auto detect and track DMTI Elta Electronics Industries Ltd.
We used the commercially available DMTI CanMap road network to identify road locations and attributes (DMTI Spatial, Markham, Ontario, Canada).
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 18, 2013-Neopost takes over DMTI Spatial(C)2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
The LEMV is an un-tethered dirigible that contains five FMV feeds, COMINT sensors, a DMTI capability, and WAAS.