DMTMDesert Mountain Tile & Marble (Phoenix, AZ)
DMTMDirect Mail Targeted Mailers
DMTMDiscrete Multi-Tone Modulation
DMTMDuane Mallaber Therapeutic Massage (New York)
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wherein A1 and A2 are high frequency coefficients of dmtm and spot, respectively; k1 and k2 are required optimal weight coefficients; k1 and k2 meet k1 + k2 = 1; that is, the determination of optimal weight coefficients can come down to k = k1 = 1 - k2 which meets the objective function;
Dmtm image and spot image are selected for the test to satisfy that the weighting coefficient of the optimal objective function is the intersection point of [E.sub.sp] and [E.sub.HF]; therefore, the optimal weighting coefficient (convergence precision [delta] [less than or equal to] 0.001) can enable the fusion image to reach the maximum spatial resolution, meanwhile, furthest reduced color distortion, while the utilization of fuzzy integral can effectively integrate these 2 single factor indexes and efficiently determine the optimal weight.
(1) respectively, register high-resolution image in the three wave bands of multispectral image dmtm;