DMTPDisaster Management Training Programme (United Nations Development Program and Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs)
DMTPDelayed Matching to Position Task (behavioral science)
DMTPDietary Management
DMTPDelayed Match-To-Place
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2000) showed that median DMTP concentrations in agricultural children were four times higher than those of nonagricultural children.
However, dimethyl metabolites were measured in higher concentrations than the diethyl compounds at the 95th percentiles of the distributions, with DMP and DMTP present at the highest concentrations (87.
It is also worth noting that studies on PON1 have focused on pesticides such as chlorpyrifos, diazinon, and parathion, which metabolize into DEP and DETP, whereas other OPs such as malathion, azinphos methyl, and dimethoate metabolize into DMP and DMTP (Maroni et al.
26 Organophosphate n = 74 insecticide metabolites [urine ([mu]g/L)] DMTP 0.
In addition, we calculated each participant's ratio of DEP to DETP + DEDTP and DMP to DMTP + DMDTP metabolites at the three urine collection time points and then calculated the mean and median of these ratios.
Median DMTP concentrations for Seattle children and farmworker children did not differ significantly (6.
However, a multivariate analysis of data collected in all periods showed that serum FSH levels were negatively associated with urinary concentrations of both DMTP and DMDTP, whereas luteinizing hormone (LH) was negatively associated with DMTP.
After controlling for age, sex, and weight, the median level of DMTP in children in the pear community was 1.
for their additional analyses showing slightly higher, though not significant, concentrations of urinary DMTP in children of thinners versus non-thinners.
DEP was detected with the highest frequency in about 70% of the samples tested; however, DMTP was detected in the highest concentrations.
Therefore, for urine samples, molar equivalent concentrations of the DMTP and DMDTP metabolites were summed to create a measure of thiomethyl DAP concentration.