DMTRDounreay Materials Testing Reactor
DMTrdimethoxytriphenylmethyl chloride
DMTRDynamic Media Transfer Rate (call quality)
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The municipality put them up in unused barracks, but the migrants started setting cars on fire and engaged in a fight with the police, Mr Dmtr listed.
The removal of DMTR from the skyline will be a significant step for Dounreay and will be a real and visible sign of the decommissioning progress being made.
i2Telecom believes DMTR technology may be currently in use by a number of (1) original equipment manufacturers that deploy softphones, microgateway devices, gateways, routers and/or switches, and (2) carriers that rely upon the technology to improve transmission quality and eliminate degradation issues when sending voice packets over the Internet.
Dmtr explained: According to Brussels current plans, Hungary would already have to admit ten thousand immigrants before the end of this year.
The DMTR patent is a foundational patent and a strategic component of our intellectual property.
Mr Dmtr argued that pursuant to the Bulgarian proposal as many as 10,000 immigrants could be relocated to Hungary in the first round, and failure to observe this obligation would be sanctioned with a penalty of HUF 9 million per immigrant.
Dmtr also stressed that the country is a lot more independent economically than it was in 2010.
The formula is clear inasmuch as we are perfectly aware of the position of opposition parties, Mr Dmtr said, adding that practically the entire opposition is pro-immigration and pro-surrender.
Mr Dmtr stressed that Hungary has achieved major results: more than 700,000 new jobs have come into being, and never before since the fall of communism have there been this many people in employment.
Dmtr indicated that according to a German government source, each migrant is costing German taxpayers some 2500 euros every year.
Mr Dmtr referred to the opinion of the advocate general released to the public in the context of the quota lawsuit as a clear sign of the ever intensifying exertion of pressure on Hungary, while he also made mention of the infringement procedures instituted by the European Commission and the threats regarding the withdrawal of EU funds.
Dmtr said that Jobbik had acquired advertising space for a fraction of the market price, meaning hidden party financing and other economic crimes are suspected of having been committed.