DMUXDemultiplexer (Sprint)
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2 /PRNewswire/ -- Atmel(R) Corporation a global leader in the development and fabrication of advanced semiconductor solutions, today announced the second in a series of high-speed integrated ADC and DMUX devices, with a new 10-bit ADC offering a clock frequency of 2 Gsps, and an embedded 1:4 LVDS demultiplexer for direct interface with standard FPGAs.
5 Gsps ADC and DMUX released earlier this year, providing identical form- factor, pin-out and functions.
Combining accurate analog to digital data conversion at 2 Gsps with an integrated 1:4 DMUX is now possible," said Andrew Benn, Marketing Manager for Atmel's Broadband Data Conversion product line.
User friendliness is also a key asset of the new DMUX with fully differential I/Os and a DDR (Double Data Rate) clock output providing a further reduction in data rate speeds by 2.
This product will quickly become the DMUX of choice for new high speed ADC design-ins and upgrades needing low power consumption, ease of interface, performance and functionality," said Andrew Benn, marketing manager for Atmel's Broadband Data Conversion product line.
Combining the MUX and DMUX into one unit saves space and is significantly less expensive than traditional discrete filter solutions.
Main device attributes of the DMUX are high-sensitivity input buffer (Less than 50 mVpp), threshold adjust, flexible timing control, and error-free operation up to 50 Gb/s, maintained for long random bit sequences (PRBS, pattern length of 2(31)-1).