DMUXDemultiplexer (Sprint)
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The outputs of each remaining DMUX contain a similar set of signals, but which are further delayed via the bias BIFODELs, and correspond to a different PAA set.
3 dB gain variations were observed as the temperature varied, probably due to changes in the response of the DMUX devices with temperature.
Many wavelength selective switch (WSS) reconfiguration nodes require MUX and DMUX for locally terminated add and drop traffic.
Combining the MUX and DMUX into one unit saves space and is significantly less expensive than traditional discrete filter solutions.
Main device attributes of the DMUX are high-sensitivity input buffer (Less than 50 mVpp), threshold adjust, flexible timing control, and error-free operation up to 50 Gb/s, maintained for long random bit sequences (PRBS, pattern length of 2(31)-1).