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DMVDivision of Motor Vehicles
DMVDepartment of Motor Vehicles
DMVDoor Middel Van (Dutch)
DMVDynamic Management Views (SQL Server 2005 and later)
DMVDC, Maryland, Virginia (region)
DMVDeflusso Minimo Vitale (Italian: Minimum Vital Flow; hydrology)
DMVDoctorat en Médecine Vétérinaire (French: Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine; Canada)
DMVDowntown Mountain View (California)
DMVDictionnaire des Médicaments Vétérinaires
DMVDocteur en Médecine Vétérinaire (French: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine)
DMVDifferential Motion Vector
DMVDriver & Motor Vehicles (division)
DMVDrama Music Video
DMVDigital Media Viewer
DMVDiurnal Mood Variation
DMVDelay Multivibrator
DMVDeep Mission Vehicle
DMVDisc, Macula, Vessels (ophthalmology)
DMVDravidamani Mahesh Vijith (Technologies Pvt Ltd, Tamil Nadu, India)
DMVDeutschen Mathematiker-Vereinigung (German: German Mathematical Society)
DMVDigital Media and Video
DMVDisabled Military Veteran
DMVDeserted Medieval Village (archaeology)
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We commend the DMV for its thoughtful and thorough approach, and urge that you continue to act in the public's interest, rather than succumbing to corporate pressure.
DMV s amended regulations allow motorists to provide proof of auto liability coverage, or insurance ID cards, in a paper or electronic format.
I don't have precise data on where the other half of the customers are from, but we have some clues that they are mostly from the Eugene/Springfield area," DMV spokesman David House said.
The Spanish revised version of the Nevada Driver's Handbook can be downloaded from the Nevada DMV website.
In the coming months, the DMV will be announcing the automation of an online IIP eligibility check which will help applicants determine when they will be eligible and what they need to do to become eligible without making any phone calls or visiting the DMV.
In fact, the media company claimed that it hammered out a "formal written agreement" with the DMV to shoot footage in the summer and fall of 2011.
DMV Director Lucinda Babers apologized for the confusion and said she would alter the photo policy to state "up to the hairline without exposing the hair," and said DMV staff in D.
Be sure to contact your DMV about any adaptive equipment you install.
Although it makes perfect sense for the DMV to reach out through YouTube and MySpace -- because that's where its audience is -- it's no guarantee that anyone will pay attention, Thompson said.
A foreign birth certificate, which a DMV employee may or may not be able to read or check for authenticity may be used to show a person's name and date and place of birth, or a signed credit card may be used as proof of identity.
The Emissions Division is the right place in DMV to start using these alternative-fueled cars," said DMV commissioner Ralph Carpenter.
If your current card displays your SSN, contact your local DMV for a replacement.