DMXAA5,6-Dimethylxanthenone-4-acetic acid
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In Roche's Pipeline Human Drug Name Condition Research Stage (Subsidiary or alliance company in parenthesis) Bondronat Osteoporosis Tests completed; awaiting federal approval Avastin (Genentech) Colorectal cancer Late-stage tests Pemtumomab (Antisoma) Ovarian cancer Late-stage CERA Anemia Mid-stage Diflomotecan Colorectal, lung, Mid-stage (Beaufour Ipsen) and breast cancer MRA (Chugai) Rheumatoid arthritis Mid-stage NK1 Depression Mid-stage VCAM Asthma Mid-stage [R.sub.45[degrees]] Stress urinary Mid-stage incontinence TheraFab (Antisoma) Cancer Early-stage Therex (Antisoma) Cancer Early-stage DMXAA (Antisoma) Cancer Early-stage Source: Roche
There are three additional products in the clinical pipeline, Therex, DMXAA and TheraFab, and an extensive pre-clinical program.