DMYDay Month Year
DMYDry Matter Yield (agriculture)
DMYDaily Milk Yield (agriculture)
DMYDon't Mess Yourself (Simpsons)
DMYDelighted to Meet You
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1994) observed quadratic responses in forage DMY with a growth profile resembling an asymptotic first-order behavior with no apparent inflection point during the 42 (growth), 56 (beginning of flowering), 70 (pod formation), and 84 d (seed) of regrowth under irrigation in the semiarid region of Northeastern Brazil.
The calculated leaf to stem mass ratios, based on the predicted DMY values shown in Table 2 at 35, 50, 70, and 90 d, were 3.
In the present study, the leaf DMY peaked near 70 d after the uniformity harvest, i.
Therefore, the leaf DMY should be regarded for increasing the amount of edible parts of the forage mass and taken into account for management purposes.
p-Values regarding the linear (L), quadratic (Q), and cubic (C) effects for the dry matter yield (DMY), the leaf:plant dry mass ratio (LR), the chemical components (a), and gas production parameters for the whole butterfly pea, its leaves, and stems, and p-values for the F-ratio test for pods Variable Whole plant L Q C DMY (kg/ha) <0.
There was no significant difference in DMY of columns treated with K0, K1, or K2 (2.
The DMY and N yield of the cut treatment was significantly lower than that of the uncut treatment (DMY of 1.
However, treatment applications of high N rates (N3 and N4) did not result in any further significant increases in DMY and N yield over and above that of N2.
This main effect of N is likely to be due to the influence of K uptake, increased by the stimulated growth of plants as shown by the DMY data when N was added.
Then the group detected naturally occurring mutations that had female characteristics as well as DMY.
Further research found that these mutations failed to have male characteristics because of an abnormality in their DMY, leading the group to determine DMY is the male sex-determining gene for medaka fish.
The group plans to research whether DMY works as a sex-determining gene for other fish.