DMYDay Month Year
DMYDry Matter Yield (agriculture)
DMYDaily Milk Yield (agriculture)
DMYDon't Mess Yourself (Simpsons)
DMYDelighted to Meet You
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During early lactation, the mean of DMY was 0.56 [+ or -] 0.06 kg and the individual values varied between 0.10 and 1.36 kg.
Optimization of extraction conditions using response surface methodology Four extraction parameters, namely extraction time, temperature, material/solvent ratio and pH, were investigated to determine their influence on the extraction yield of DMY from the leaves of Ampelopsis grossedentata using the response surface methodology (RSM).
There were large and significant differences between breed types in DMY and 305- day milk yield in Senegal.
Guinea grass yielded from 9 to 12 tonnes dry matter yield (DMY) ha-1 cut-1 with cumulative mean more than 20 tonnes ha-1 yr-1(Ahmed et al., 2012; Munyasi et al., 2015).
All data were subjected to the Lilliefors test, to verify normality, and subdivided into four groups: plant morphology --"Plant" (PH, PW, TNC, NC1, etc.); Cladode morphology--"Cladodes" (CLB, CL1, CL2, etc.); evapotranspiration "ET" (ET and ET/ETo) and "YIELD" (CFB, CDB, FMY, DMY and DMC).
Cortisol, DMY and MDA were positively correlated with each other and negative with progesterone and PPDs.
Then, percent dry matter from each treatment was multiplied with green herbage yield to obtain dry matter yield (DMY) and converted to Mg ha-1.
The DMY (kg/ha) of the whole plant resembled a crescent sigmoid-shaped pattern after a visual appraisal; an evidence for that was the cubic trend observed in Table 1.
For example, a DM-domain transcription factor on the Y chromosome (DMY) has been identified as the master gene in medaka fish (Oryzias latipes) [5, 6]; Y-linked anti-Mullerian hormone (amh) initiates the onset of sex differentiation in Odontesthes hatcheri [7]; and a sex-linked polymorphism of amh receptor (amhr2) is responsible for male development in Takifugu rubripes [8].
It's like having bomber jacket on again, and Sylvester's there in his pullover and hat." en't ur e dmy ver as " In recent years, Sylvester has become a household name again, appearing alongsideIan McKellen as the Fool in Royal Shakespeare Company production of King Lear.
ATA, DMY did data collection and partial manuscript writing.