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DMZDemilitarized Zone
DMZDemilitarized Zone (PCs directly connected online)
DMZZone Démilitarisée (French: Demilitarized Zone)
DMZDigital Media Zone
DMZDeer Management Zone (Massachusetts)
DMZData Management Zone
DMZDance Music Zone
DMZDuncan-Mortensen-Zakai Equation
DMZDetection of Motion Zone (CCTV)
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And if the defectors are arrested trying to cross the DMZ, they would be taken to a detention center to be interrogated.
Pence's visit to the DMZ, which was created two years after the 1953 armistice in the Korean War, took place near Daeseong-dong.
North Korean forces are heavily dug-in with more than 4,000 underground facilities and bunkers near the DMZ and an estimated 20 tunnels dug under the DMZ, of which four have been found.
In My Love DMZ (1), the Shaman, the mediator of this world and the other, is sought out by the senior member of the animal world the Goat.
The American troops at the DMZ also want to show that they're hard as nails.
Forces Korea, the team monitors everything crossing through the DMZ.
Tomorrow Secretary Clinton and I, along with our Korean counterparts, will visit the DMZ to highlight how important operations are there to the security of the peninsula as well as the region and demonstrate our steadfast commitment" to South Korea, Gates said during a visit Tuesday morning to Camp Casey, a US base near the DMZ.
The government announced last month that it plans to create a world-class eco-tour and peace belt along the DMZ and also seek to designate the area as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.
The crew also filmed the annual migration of fish in the Han River, which begin a journey in South Korea, pass through the DMZ and spawn in North Korea "because they know no borders.
He hadn't left his urban Seoul office for the duration of his military service, and it was his first trip to the DMZ.
It comes with a wireless LAN security switch with WPA and WPA2 EAP settings, houses a DMZ function, and a virtual server.
The second civil war is being fought, and the DMZ is a kind of no-man's-land between the two armies.