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DN2Duke Nukem 2 (game)
DN2Duke Nukem II (computer game)
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"We started saving via a savings and credit co-operative (Sacco) while in college, a move that enabled us to buy our first property one year after graduating from college in 2010," Kasuki told DN2.For then, the eight-year-long journey investing in property is fuelled by the need to safeguard their children's future and the sad reality that women in most African communities rarely inherit property from their parents.SOCIAL AMENITIESThey told DN2 that the two properties in Kikopey, one for each, is their fourth in line, revealing that they will be embarking on developing the pieces of land already acquired.
Segregation data from crosses of PI 294994 (Dn5) with PI 137739 (Dn1) and PI 262660 (Dn2), suggested that Dn5 is not allelic to Dn1 and Dn2, yet may be linked to Dn1.
With her face covered in that mask, our son did not recognise her," a pensive Musyoka told DN2.The family is grappling with a Sh1.9 million medical bill that must be paid before she is released from hospital."We need to clear the bill, after which my wife will undergo a period of recuperation at home, to regain her energy before medics subject her to another induction chemotherapy session to bring the cancer into remission.
They told DN2 that the bucket list of activities they have to do is long but does not include building a house in the village.
Dn2 was mapped to chromosome 7DL, because of linkage to RFLP locus XksuA1 at 9.8 cM (Ma et al., 1998), and to microsatellite markers Xgwm44, Xgwml 11, and Xgwm437 (Miller et al., 2001) by using the same mapping population.
She told DN2 that it has not been an easy journey."It is a miracle that I managed to do this.
There are at least 10 known genes for resistance to RWA, namely Dn1, Dn2 (Du Toit, 1987), dn3 (Nkongolo et al., 1991a), Dn4 (Nkongolo et al., 1991b), Dn5 (Marais and Du Toit, 1993; Saidi and Quick, 1996; Zhang et al., 1998), Dn6 (Saidi and Quick, 1996), Dn7 (Marais and Du Toit, 1993), Dh8, Dh9, and Dnx (Liu et al., 2000).
Having compared their work with previous information, they stated that the resistance gene in PI 294994 is not allelic to Dn1, Dn2, Dn3, and Dn4 and they designated it Dn5.