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DNADeoxyribonucleic Acid
DNADepartment(al) Network Administrator
DNADoes Not Apply
DNAGenentech, Inc (stock symbol)
DNAData Not Available
DNADermatology Nurses' Association
DNADirectia Nationala Anticoruptie (Romanian)
DNADefense Nuclear Agency
DNADo Not Adopt (used by animal shelters to refer to animal abusers)
DNADet Norske Arbeiderparti (Norwegian Labour Party)
DNADistributed Internet Applications Architecture (Microsoft)
DNADynamic Network Administration (Ericsson)
DNADe Nieuw Amsterdam (theater group)
DNADistributed Network Attack
DNADo Not Announce (hospital patient privacy)
DnADo Not Abbreviate (online gaming clan)
DNADeutscher Normenausschuss (German Committee of Standards)
DNANational Dyslexia Association (humor)
DNADirect Network Access
DNADernière Nouvelles d'Alsace (French newspaper)
DNADatanetwork Associates (Software)
DNADinebeiina Nahiilna be Agaditahe (Navajo legal counselors)
DNADid Not Answer
DNADid Not Attend
DNADo Not Ask
DNADefinitely Not Attractive
DNADown Auxiliary
DNADistributed Internetwork Architecture (Microsoft)
DNADid Not Attack (Dana Carvey)
DNADo Not Approve
DNADo Not Answer (cell phone)
DNADo Not Admit
DNADrug 'n Alcohol (band)
DNADiversified Naval Architects, Inc. (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
DNADorchester Neighborhood Association (Waldorf, Maryland)
DNADigital Narrowband Analysis
DNADjibouti National Army
DNADistributed Networking Agent
DNADesignated National Authority
DNADownriver Numismatic Association
DNADouglas Noel Adams (late British author of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series)
DNADevelopment Needs Analysis
DNADigital Network Architecture
DNADistributed interNet Applications
DNADo Not Abbreviate
DNADelaware Nurses Association
DNADetroit News Agency
DNADelivery Network Accelerator (BitTorrent)
DNADynamic Network Analyzer (Lucent)
DNADynamic Network Architecture
DNADenver Newspaper Agency (Denver, CO)
DNADigital Nonlinear Accelerator
DNADelayed Neutron Activation
DNADelta Nu Alpha
DNADoctors Net Access
DNADistributed Network Analyzer
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Among them: Georgia Dunston, founding director of the National Human Genome Center at Howard University; Bruce Jackson, founder of the African-American DNA Roots Project; and Charles Crutchfield, a clinical dermatologist who used genetic research to develop a treatment for psoriasis.
A unifying concept central to a modern, molecular view of epigenetics postulates that the pattern of modifications (both of DNA and of histone proteins themselves) provides information content that instructs the enzymes integral to nuclear physiology (Jaenisch and Bird 2003; Strahl and Allis 2000).
These types of technologies may prove to be extremely powerful if DNA methylation diagnostics are to be used to improve patient outcome and as part of novel strategies in clinical trials.
What makes DNA a good research tool for tracing dogs' ancestry?
This book is not for the novice scientist, as it does not describe basic DNA amplification fundamentals; rather, it is directed at those with a solid background in molecular biology who desire knowledge of cuttingedge applications.
Several police agencies in Los Angeles, Alameda, Orange and San Francisco counties have already turned in to the state DNA samples they collected.
The rigidity of the octahedron comes not only from its overall geometry but also from the brawn of its 12 DNA struts.
Through blood work, scientists will also obtain information on another form of DNA called the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA).
DNA is composed of four building blocks, called bases, represented by the letters A, C, 0, and T.
The mutant cells had lower activity of DNA repair as shown by determination of activities of DNA repair enzymes.
DNA testing was first used in Britain in 1986 to prosecute serial rapist and murderer Colin Pitchfork.
Intramuscular delivery of DNA vaccines using Inovio's proprietary electroporation technology has been shown in primate studies to boost the immune response by orders of magnitude over DNA plasmid alone.