DNA-PKDNA-dependent Protein Kinase
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Ionizing radiation induces EGFR internalization to nucleus, association of EGFR with DNA-PK, enhancing kinase activity of the DNA-PK complex and increasing the repair of DNA strand breaks (14).
Merck will combine the assets with its existing DNA-PK assets into a single development program.
All components of the DNA-PK were found in the radiosensitive spermatogonia, and also, it is demonstrated that Ku ensures the fidelity of spermatogenesis so that the Ku70 and/or Ku80-deficient testis displays elevated levels of DSBs as well as enhanced apoptosis and reduced sperm production [12, 14].
Antibodies for DNA-PK, p-ATM, p-ATR, p-Chk1, p-Chk2, p-H2AX, p-P53, Ku80, SOD1, catalase, GPX1, and beta-actin were purchased from Cell Signaling Technology (Danvers, MA, USA).
Several studies have shown that DNA-PK phosphorylates XRCC4 in vitro, decreasing its interaction with DNA, although the significance of these phenomena is presently unclear.
DNA-PK normally coordinates the repair of simultaneous breaks in both strands of molecules that comprise DNA.
Nevertheless, the scientists discovered, the DNA breaks during HIV integration surprisingly activate DNA-PK, which then performs an unusually destructive role: eliciting a signal that causes the CD4+ T cell to die.
But the new treatment has been found to attack and destroy DNA-PK.
Treatment with wortmannin (1 and 5 [micro]M), an inhibitor of DNA-PK and ATM (Sarkaria et al.
The DNA-dependent protein kinase, DNA-PK, was first detected in the nuclei of mammalian cells (Walker et al., 1985; Carter et al., 1990).
In addition, vanillin is able to block DNA repair by nonhomologous DNA end-joining (NHEJ) and to selectively inhibit DNA-protein kinase (DNA-PK) activity in experiments using human lymphoma GM00558 cells and related gene deficient cells.