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DNAADeutsche Neuro AIDS Arbeitsgemeinschaft eV (German: German Association of Neuro-AIDS; est. 1996; Hanover, Germany)
DNAADelayed Neutron Activation Analysis
DNAADurham and Northumberland Archery Association (UK)
DNAADriffield Navigation Amenities Association (UK)
DNAADefective DNA of the Bacteria Escherichia Coli
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Abby Thornton won the 155th Grand National Archery Meeting, the County Championships and was also selected to represent DNAA.
Gents Recurve - 1, Cumbria 3,051 425 159; 2, DNAA 3,026 432 151; 3, SAA Western 2,376 406 87; 4, SAA Northern 1,688 280 66.
Ladies' Compound - 1, DNAA 3,580 432 292; 2, SAA Western 2,216 288 148; 3, SAA Northern 1,140 144 79.
Spoligotyping used a standardized method (30) to identify isolates belonging to the Beijing family; results were confirmed by analysis of the dnaA to dnaN region in all isolates.
Results of spoligotyping were confirmed by detection of an IS6110 insertion between the dnaA and dnaN genes, which was found in all 129 Beijing isolates but not in the remaining isolates.
David also won the Teesside Championships, the DNAA county indoor championships, the outdoor championships and the county field archery contest.
Characterization of the phylogenetic distribution and chromosomal insertion sites of five IS6110 elements in Mycobacterium tuberculosis: non-random integration in the dnaA -dnaN region.