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DNAADeutsche Neuro AIDS Arbeitsgemeinschaft eV (German: German Association of Neuro-AIDS; est. 1996; Hanover, Germany)
DNAADelayed Neutron Activation Analysis
DNAADurham and Northumberland Archery Association (UK)
DNAADriffield Navigation Amenities Association (UK)
DNAADefective DNA of the Bacteria Escherichia Coli
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'Had Datuk Masri asked for a postponement, the Honourable Judge either will grant the said postponement or order a DNAA. There is no option for the Honourable Judge in such case to order an acquittal.
Abby Thornton won the 155th Grand National Archery Meeting, the County Championships and was also selected to represent DNAA.
Before she made the order, Hadhariah said so far the prosecution had called 25 witnesses to testify in the trial last March and now in September the prosecution had asked the case to be DNAA.
Following the sequencing convention, the nucleotide position 1 was placed upstream of the dnaA gene (VAA_049_1 and VAB_027_1) encoding the chromosomal replication initiator protein.
Genes targeted by PCR included fragments of adenosine triphosphate synthase a subunit (atpA), heat-shock protein 70 (dnaK), outer membrane protein A (ompA), outer membrane protein B (ompB), citrate synthase (gltA), 16S rRNA, recA, and initiator protein of DNA replication (dnaA) (6,7).
Norton Archers are affiliated with Archery GB, Durham and Northumberland Archery Association (DNAA) and Northern Counties Archery Society (NCAS).
Helen George, senior coach with DNAA and a member of the British Blind Sport Development team, explained how easy the sport is for those with sight problems.
In the proceedings this morning, Hadhariah said she did not agree with the prosecution's request for the charges to be withdrawn and both accused to be discharged not amounting to an acquittal (DNAA).
Individual Results: Ladies Recurve - 1, Becky Green (DNAA) 985 points 143 hits 46 golds; 2, Jackie Wilkinson (Cumbria) 957 140 42; 3, Norma Smith (SAA Northern) 954 144 43; 4, Deirdre Kennedy (DNAA) 905 131 39; 5, Sue Giles ( DNAA) 894 141 29; 6, Pat Baker (DNAA) 883 144 37; 7, Paula Atkin ( Cumbria) 837 139 26; 8, Pauline Ramsay (SAA Western) 790 138 15; 8, Chrissey Burnett (Cumbria) 777 133 25; 9, Barbara Bruce (SAA Northern) 708 143 14; 10, Alison Hunter (Cumbria) 615 117 15.