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DNACDynamic Network Access Control (software)
DNACDuke Network Analysis Center (Duke University; Durham, NC)
DNACDedicated Network Access Connection
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Para a sintese do DNAc (DNA complementar), foi realizada a reacao de transcricao reversa (RT), utilizando-se a enzima M-MLV RT (Invitrogen Life Technologies) de acordo com o protocolo recomendado pelo fabricante, que incluiu a incubacao das amostras de 500 ng RNA total, (ou RNA molde) a 37[degrees]C por 50 min.
Results from the study show that InfoExpress DNAC requires no network changes and a small network could be configured in just seven steps performed on the DNAC software, which had little or no impact on the network infrastructure.
This study from The Tolly Group confirms what we've been saying all along about ease-of-use and speed of deployment for DNAC versus alternative solutions like Cisco NAC and Clean Access," said Stacey Lum, CEO of InfoExpress.
DNAC enforcers are unique because they quarantine noncompliant endpoints from the rest of the network, even from those PCs and servers not running the DNAC software.
Since DNAC's initial configuration required no network changes and less than one-third of the steps of similar Cisco solutions, it is easy to see how DNAC eliminates the traditional barriers and headaches associated with strong NAC.
According to the ST Electronics IT department, "CyberGatekeeper with DNAC is an appealing option for ST Electronics.
By ensuring that all endpoints on the network are visible and monitored, providing custom reports, and automating portions of the data collection process, DNAC improves the accuracy of an organization's audit trail.
One of the compelling features we've experienced with DNAC is the ability to easily and surgically control unmanaged endpoints without disrupting connectivity of other endpoints on a non 802.
While DNAC delivers the benefits of NAC such as ensuring endpoint compliance, it is also easy to deploy and requires no additional network infrastructure or configuration changes.
We appreciate the confidence they've placed in InfoExpress and their enthusiasm to offer our DNAC solution to their valued customer base.
We chose to offer InfoExpress' DNAC solution to our customers because it provides enterprises and small-medium sized business with an easily deployable tool that ensures that each endpoint connecting to the network is compliant with corporate policy.
The CyberGatekeeper DNAC solution takes a unique approach by dynamically creating packs of enforcers that patrol the network.