DNAEDirectory of North American Egyptologists (University of Chicago; Illinois)
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The analysis of sequence data of 16 frequently studied housekeeping genes (atpA, dnaE, dnaK, fusA, leuA, odhI, rpoB, atpD, groES, groEU, groEL2, inf B, recA, recN, rpoA, and sodA) of 15 C.
pseudotuberculosis groEL1 1641 62.9 inf B 2886 13.6 dnaK 1836 9.1 leuA 1818 14.0 odhI 3687 12.5 atpD 1446 6.2 recN 1740 27.0 dnaE 3561 58.2 groEL2 1641 59.5 recA 1110 14.1 rpoA 1017 7.7 fusA 2127 3.9 groES 297 6.5 rpoB 2974 8.0 sodA 600 10.0 atpA 1630 8.4 Average sequence divergence Gene C.
DNAe's first product will be a rapid blood-to-result diagnostic system to meet an unmet need in the treatment of serious bloodstream infections leading to sepsis.
The facility, with Citibank, follows an internal fundraising exercise that raised $24 million in January 2015 to fund DNAe's acquisition of Albuquerque, USA-based nanoMR, Inc.
DNAe said that the acquisition is a strategic milestone for the company, enabling it to integrate nanoMR's immunomagnetic Pathogen Capture System with its own Genalysis PCR and semiconductor-based DNA sequencing technology to create a complete blood-to-result solution.
DNAe is committed to the development of a test that enables clinicians to intervene effectively before sepsis sets in,” said Professor Chris Toumazou, inventor of a game-changing DNA sequencing based diagnostic platform, and founder and CEO of DNAe.
Under a three-year, IWT- funded project, Galapagos will exploit its know-how in DNA pol III alpha (DnaE) to discover new antibiotic treatments against additional bacterial species beyond what it has developed thus far.
London, United Kingdom, October 04, 2014 --(PR.com)-- DNA Electronics ('DNAe'), the inventors of semiconductor DNA sequencing technology and developers of a new, revolutionary point-of-need test for sepsis, announces today that its founder, Chairman and CEO Professor Chris Toumazou FRS, FREng, FMEDSci, FIET, FIEEE, FCGI, FRSM has been awarded the UK Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)'s highest honour, the 2014 Faraday Medal.
Each of the loci examined had a variable number of observed alleles: 9 for dnaE, 20 for lap, 11 for rstR, 11 for gmd, 2 for recA, 8 for pgm, 4 for gyrB, 7 for cat, and 5 for chi.